Steam Launch Options for Dying Light

If you just bought dying light and are looking to enjoy some survival and zombie action then this guide is for you. Since many gamers wanted to know how they could boost FPS and fix lag in Dying light. Here is a guide on using Steam Launch options in Dying Light. You can also check out the graphics settings guide for Dying Light that can help fix the lag in-game. If you haven’t bought dying light yet you can buy it here.

Steam Launch Options Dying Light

If you want to change steam launch options in Dying Light then follow the steps below:

1) Go to the steam library.

2) Select the game and click on properties.


3) Then select  “Set launch options”

steam launch options dying light


The best steam launch settings I found for Dying Light are the -nologos -high parameters for low-end systems. The final version looks like the commands below. You can directly copy it if you want a full FPS boost.

steam launch options dying light


 -nologos -high -useallavailablecores


This option can save you a lot of time by disabling the intro video for Dying Light. This option disables the intro Nvidia logo and other company logos. It is a great steam launch option for gamers who play a lot of games. Also, the intro video is quite loud and annoying. Might as well disable it for faster setup.


This steam launch option lets you play Dying Light in high priority settings. The same option works for a lot of games so feel free to test this option in other steam games as well.

It saves you the time of manually using the task manager to increase the priority of the game. This helps you get more resources and higher FPS in gaming.

You can also optimize your system for gaming to boost FPS in Dying Light


This option forces the CPU to use all the cores for gaming. This option was originally meant for older games that were not used to the new multicore architecture. If you have an 8 core or a 16 core processor then this option can help you get some added performance in Dying light.

More Experimental Steam Launch Options for Dying Light:

steam launch options dying light

-nomovieview -drawmovieframe -ingamenosprites
These are experimental options that may or may not work. They need proper testing and honestly, I could not find proper documentation for those from the dying light team. I know that they do work but they significantly drop the graphics quality of the game. Proceed with caution when using this steam launch options in dying light.
That’s all folks. These were the steam launch options to boost fps in Dying Light. If you guys know any more options that work well, then let me know in the comment section below. Happy Gaming
See you in-game

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