GTA V Premium Edition is Free on Epic Store: Here’s How You can Get It

Christmas Came early for Gamers since GTA V is available for free on the Epic Store. The moment GTA V became free, the epic store website completely crashed due to the overwhelmingly high traffic. It just shows how popular GTA V is. The website is back up now and you can get GTA V for free. Here’s how:

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How to get GTA V for Free

Step 1) Open Epic Store or click on the link below:


Step 2) Here you can see that GTA V is free as shown in the image below. In order to get it you need to make an Epic Games account.

get GTA V FREE on epic games

Step 3) Click on the sign-in option below and use any of the logins to make an account on epic games:

Epic Games free account to get GTA V
Epic Games Account

Step 4) Now click on GTA 5 and add the game to your library. The game is completely free and has a size of around 94-95GB. The game is huge and requires a lot of disk space. Make sure you keep enough space free for GTA V. The game is available for free only till 21st May 2020. So get your GTA V soon.

get GTA V FREE on epic games

Step 5) Please note that this is the premium edition of GTA V and has all the components and DLC packs. So Christmas did come early to you guys.

get GTA V FREE on epic games


I hope you were able to get GTA V for free. It’s available for a limited time only so I recommend getting your hands on it ASAP. Once you add it to your account it’s yours forever. Share this with your friends so that they too can enjoy GTA V online with you. Make sure to support the site and comment below if you got GTA V for free. Happy Gaming.

See you in-game


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