How To install Pubg Mobile Beta Version 0.19.2 On Android and Emulators

Many of our die-hard pubg mobile fans wanted to know how they could install the latest pubg mobile beta version on their phone. Thus by popular demand, we have bought to you the easiest way to install pubg mobile beta without installing any other third-party app. You also can get high download speeds while downloading the files not only that we will show you how you can install pubg mobile beta on an emulator as well.

The way to do this is simple. Download the app from the link below. Its a direct download link the game size varies upon the beta version but assume anything between 1.5-2GB data will be required:

How to download Pubg Mobile 0.19.2 Beta

Download PUBG Mobile Beta Apk for Android 1.6 GB Download here
Download Pubg Mobile Beta Apk for iOS  2 GB Download using Safari

What’s new in this update?

    • A Secret Map – 2×2 Map (LIVIK map)
    • SPAS 12 –  New Shotgun AR
    • P90 in Classic Mode
    • New vehicle – Monster Truck
    • Secret Chests in Game.
    • Auto Enemy Marker and Much more to come
    • New stats screen
    • Some more minor settings for you to customize pubg 

Note: You can install both beta and the official version together there are no conflicts between the two. They exist as two separate games.

The Secret Map in PUBG Mobile:

The 2×2 Secret Map is coming up in the next PUBG Mobile Update is called the LIVIK map after official confirmation by tencent. You can download the game and check out the new map. Honestly, it feels as if its the combination of all 4 maps.

It includes sections of all maps with enhanced graphics. You get to experience the Deserts from Miramar, Ice from Vikendi, Jungles from Sanhok, and Plains from Erangel all in one map.

SPAS 12 Shotgun:

This is a new Shotgun AR that is being added to pubg mobile. Its quite overpowered and is quite similar to S12k. It is a low noise suppressed shotgun. It has the same Damage and Firing Rate as S12k.

The P90 Gun:

With the recent beta update, this P90 Gun is now added to Classic Mode too. Before it was only available in TDM.

Monster Truck:

Oh yeah, you now have monster trucks. It is a 4 seater vehicle that is perfect for open grounds and even hills. You can drive it anywhere. But there seems to be a big caveat that you cannot ram enemy players with it as its height is too high. Enemies tend to pass right under the Monster truck. It may be a bug or the way it was intended who knows. We will find out in the actual update.


Auto Enemy Marker:

This is the new and most amazing feature added by pubg mobile. Now enemies will be auto marked when aimed at. This really saves a lot of trouble and helps you spot enemies easily. This was a huge issue since its hard to make enemies mid-combat. But now enemies will be auto marked. I just love this feature, When you Aim at the enemy it will automatically mark as Enemies Ahead, and if you knock down the enemy then the marker changes to Enemy Down.

New Stats Screen:

You can now see better and more in-depth stats in pubg and how you played the game.


How to Install Pubg mobile beta on android

  • Download the APK file (Download here)
  • Allow the installation from unknown sources.

  • Install the pubg mobile APK

  • Sign in with Facebook or guest account

pubg mobile beta android

Done you can now enjoy the beta version. Easy peasy. No extra apps. And you can download the game at max speeds. So what are you guys waiting for? Join us in some pubg mobile beta action

For those who want to install pubg mobile beta on emulator. Here is how you can do it.

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How to install pubg mobile beta on emulator (Ld player, Nox, Memu, Bluestacks, etc.):

  • Download the APK (Download here)
  • Install the android APK on the emulator using drag and drop, which is supported by almost all emulators. You can also use the locate and install method. It works both ways.
  • Then just wait for the install to complete and sign in with Facebook or use a guest account

install pubg mobile beta

  • Now you can enjoy beta action on your emulator.

You can also install pubg mobile beta on Gameloop, but you need to use some creativity here.

How to Install pubg mobile beta on Gameloop

  • Download the APK file (Download here)
  • Open the Gameloop emulator.

  • Go to “my games” as shown below

  • Now select “others” as shown in the image below

  • Click on “Add an app” option as shown below

  • Browse and locate the APK you want to install in Gameloop. Install the game
  • Install and sign in with your Facebook account or your guest account. Both are fine.


Congratulations you have successfully installed pubg mobile beta on Gameloop Emulator. Personally, I felt you get better performance on Gameloop compared to other emulators. I have made a guide to optimize performance on Gameloop and Ld Player. Do check them out if you are facing lag while playing pubg.

Now feel free to enjoy some pubg beta action on your system. If you liked this guide do share it with friends. I hope this guide has been helpful to you. If you have any issues, do let me know in the comment sections below.

See you in-game


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