Best Performance and settings for state of decay 2

State of Decay 2 is one of the Microsoft store-exclusive titles that has taken zombie games up to a whole new level. Rather than the regular kill-and-hack style. This game is focused more on survival. However, in the midst of survival, many players reported that they were facing lag issues while playing the game. The game is also by no means optimized. So here is a graphics settings guide for State of decay 2 to help you fix those annoying lag issues and get the FPS you need.

Best graphics settings state of decay 2

Video settings

state of decay 2 zombie game

Display: Windowed Fullscreen

This is the best setting available setting in the state of decay 2. It is less distracting and has a better performance compared to other modes

Resolution: Max

Maximum resolution is always better for a superior gaming experience regardless of the game. You should only reduce resolution as an absolute last choice.

The game quality will degrade significantly when you drop the resolution.

Vsync: Off

Turn it off. It drops FPS and can lead to input lag. Also, this option is meant for those with high-end graphics cards only.

Motion Blur: Off

This is a no-brainer. Take advantage of better clear graphics and extra FPS by disabling this.

Once you are done click on Apply Changes

Advanced Video Settings

state of decay 2 graphics settings fps

World Level Of detail: Medium Or High

Zombie games need good scenery and action without which we won’t have fun. So, set this setting to High. If your game is lagging on High then switch to medium.

Shadow Quality: Low

This setting impacts FPS a lot and hence it’s best to turn it to low. Shadows have no advantage in-game. So turn them down and get the best fps in sod2.

Foliage Quality: Low

Lower is better since you get more FPS, faster gameplay, and less lag. You can also spot zombies better. Easy zombie killing.

Texture Quality: Medium or High

We need to enjoy the game along with playing it. This setting has a high impact on performance but also makes the game look really good. So the most recommended setting is HIGH. You can set it to medium if you want more FPS.

Post Process Quality: Low

Unless you have a good graphics card set this setting to low. You need at least 4GB of graphics in order to use this option without impacting FPS that much. So the best solution is to set it to low.

Effects quality: Low

This might sadden many gamers but to get better FPS you need to lower these settings. If you really are desperate for zombie-killing then you can set it at medium.

Ambient Occlusion Quality: Low

Set it to low. You only lose some minor depth effects which is much better than losing FPS.

Anti-aliasing Quality: Low

It’s best to keep it on low. If your graphics card can take anti-aliasing then set it to medium. It adds extra filtering effects to smoothen the graphics.

That is all. Apply the changes and restart the game.

I hope these graphics settings for the state of decay 2 were helpful to you. If you have any more suggestions do let us know in the comment section below. You can also optimize Windows for gaming so that you get better performance for the State of Decay 2.

See you in-game

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