Best settings for Horizon Zero Dawn for Max Fps

Horizon Zero Dawn has finally arrived on PC and unfortunately has failed terribly due to lag and low FPS issues. Although the game is awesome the port and developer end of things don’t seem to have been implemented well resulting in numerous bugs and issues. So we decided to create a lag fix guide with the best settings for Horizon Zero Dawn to the best of our ability. So without further ado let’s begin:

Best Display settings for Horizon Zero dawn

Display Resolution: Max

A higher resolution is better for your eyes and gameplay experience. Always play the game at the max native resolution your system supports. The game will look much more immersive with cleaner textures and graphics

Field of View: 70

A higher Field of view is better for graphics quality but can lower FPS. I recommend the default FOV. At least until they release a patch to fix the game.

Adaptive Performance FPS : Off

I wish it worked as it was advertised. I recommend turning this off since it will keep adjusting settings in real-time increasing CPU Load. Just go with stable graphics settings instead.

FPS Limit: Unlimited

Let this be unlimited for desktops. If you have a laptop then keep it the same as your monitor refresh rate.

Render Scale: 100%

Keep this at default. You can lower it for higher FPS but the graphics quality significantly decreases and thus I don’t recommend using this option. Horizon Zero Dawn is an amazing graphical treat. Don’t miss it by using this option.

Screen Mode: Fullscreen

If you want to enjoy the true beauty of Horizon Dawn then make sure to play the game in fullscreen mode. The game looks much better and more resources are allocated to fullscreen applications in Windows.

Refresh Rate: Highest Possible

Highest refresh rate your monitor supports. The game looks amazing and you get to keep your eyes safe.

Vsync: Off

Disable this. It seems to cause FPS drops and lag issues in Horizon Zero Dawn

HDR: Off

If you have a good GPU + Gaming monitor then enable this option. Otherwise, simply disable this setting. You need a decent GPU to take full advantage of this setting.

Advanced graphics settings in Rogue Company

horizon zero dawn graphics settings to fix lag

Textures: High

This setting in Horizon Zero Dawn is more dependent on VRAM. If you have less than 4GB VRAM then go with medium settings. Otherwise, choose High settings.

Model Quality: High

Medium for low-end GPUs and High for everybody else. This is an important setting that makes the game look really good. And let’s be honest we came to enjoy the graphics.

Anisotropic Filter: Low or medium

This setting can help remove edges but costs you with GPU power. If you have a decent GPU use medium settings otherwise set it to low

Shadows: Off or Low

Shadows make the game look good but at the cost of FPS and GPU resources. And honestly, since we are using high model quality and texture quality I recommend using low shadow quality. If your system has an old GPU then disable shadows.

Reflections: Low or Medium

Reflections make the game look good but again lower FPS. I recommend using low-quality reflections. If you have a good GPU with over 6GB VRAM then use Medium quality reflections in Horizon Zero Dawn

Clouds: Low or Medium

Keep this setting low. It can help boost FPS and the cloud quality is not that bad even at low settings. If you want the visual treat then set it at medium. Do note it will lower FPS slightly.

Anti-Aliasing: SMAA

Keep this setting at SMAA, This can help remove the edges in-game and make the game look much cleaner. Disable it entirely if you have a low-end GPU. TXAA doesn’t work well from what I experienced. So it’s either SMAA or just turn it off.

Motion Blur: Off

Do you even need to ask? Obviously, turn it off. Unnecessary effect that can cause lag issues in Horizon Zero Dawn

Ambient Occlusion: Off

I recommend turning this setting off in order to get the FPS boost you need in Horizon Zero Dawn. This makes the game objects look much better but unless you have an RTX don’t use this setting. RTX users can enable this for the visual treat.

You can also speed up your PC for gaming and fix internet lag which can significantly improve your gaming experience.

That’s all folks. These were the most important graphics settings to fix lag in Horizon Zero Dawn. I hope that your lag issues are fixed and you can enjoy Horizon Zero Dawn at high FPS. If you have any questions or suggestions then do let me know in the comment section below. Happy Gaming

See you in-game

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