Best Graphics Settings for GTA Vice City On Android/iOS

GTA Vice City is one of the most iconic game for the older generation of gamers. I mean who doesn’t know vice city. For many gamers it was the beginning of their passion of gaming. Unfortunately not everyone has a high end phone. So to help my fellow gamers here are the best settings to fix lag and boost fps in GTA Vice City. Now you can enjoy the good old days right from your phone, on pretty much any mobile device.

So lets begin

GTA Vice City Best Settings Android / iOS

gta vice city graphics settings to fix lag

Draw Distance:30%-50%

Choose anywhere between 30-50%. If you are playing on a ipad or an android tablet then choose 70%.

50% is more than enough for most phones. You can go upto 70% if you really want better graphics. But make sure your device cam handle it.

Screen Resolution: 30%-50%

This setting in GTA vice city depends on your screen size. Tablets should choose anywhere from 50-90%. And Mobile devices should choose 30-50%.

At 100% the game looks amazing but drains battery even on premium devices. So unless you want to drain your battery I don’t recommend it. The only exceptions would be the ASUS ROG Series I suppose.

Visual Effects: Low/ Medium

If you have a really good snapdragon 800 series chipset than go for high. Otherwise stick to low settings. With High settings you have a very high battery drain for low end devices.

You are better off playing with low settings

Dynamic Shadows: Off

Turn off shadows. The difference is hardly noticeable, You can easily save battery and cpu resources.

Frame Limiter: On

Definitely turn on. Helps save battery and lower cpu usage. It can help low end devices a lot.

Thats all folks. These are the best graphics settings for GTA Vice City on Android and iOS.

I hope this in-depth guide was able to solve your lag problem in GTA Vice City. If you want even better performance then checkout how to optimize android for gaming.

Happy Gaming. See you in-game.

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