Top 5 Gaming Phone Brands in the World

The best gaming phones are packed with super high performance and gaming features that make you feel the difference in owning a gaming phone. While the next-gen consoles hog the headlines – often because they’re so hard to find – some amazing things are happening in Android and Apple land, and unlike consoles, you don’t need to join a 5 am online queue in the hope of getting one of the best Gaming phones on the planet.

As processors get faster, GPUs become more powerful and displays get sharper, mobile gaming is getting better and better. And now with the rise of mobile esports, you should know: that we spend tons of time gaming on our phones.

The very best gaming phones are technological triumphs. The very best ones combine super-speedy silicon with streamlined software and optimized operating systems to deliver an incredibly immersive experience when gaming.

So to help you out here are our top 10 most trusted gaming phone brands.

These are some of the best gaming phone brands.


The Asus ROG Phones undoubtedly offers the best mobile gaming experiences when it comes to mobile gaming. They have been the go-to for quite some time. Complete with built-in triggers, gorgeous displays with impressive touch response times, impressive audio quality, and incredible power under the hood in the form of the latest snapdragon processors. ROG phones deliver performance to the max. They are quite pricy though and for a good reason.


Our close competitor to Asus Rog phones is none other than the Razer Phone series. They too make amazing gaming phones and if you know Razer then you know that they excel at making gaming products. Razer offers the best gaming experience when it comes to handheld devices. They come with attachments that no other gaming phone offers. If you are looking to do some gaming on the go then this phone is for you.


Black Shark is one of the newer leaders when it comes to gaming phones. In terms of value for money, the Black Shark Phone is one of the best. Xiaomi funds black shark phones and thus is pretty good at making devices that meet the market requirements. If you are looking for a value-for-money gaming phone black shark is the way to go.

4. Nubia Red magic

The Nubia Red Magic series is one of the best gaming phones in the market. Similar to their competitors they boast the best gaming hardware along with the optimized operating system for gaming. It is one of the most impressive all-around gaming phone brands.


iQOO is a very famous gaming smartphone company due to its budget gaming phones. They have the cheapest prices and the best specs when it comes to gaming phones.  I personally don’t like the OS since it comes with their Funtouch OS. That OS has a lot of bloatware making it not ideal for gaming. That is why we have put it in the last spot. If they had stock android modified for gaming we would probably rank it much higher.


You could argue that almost every smartphone is a gaming phone of some kind as long as it has the right specs, but what if you want the smoothest performance? Maybe you need physical-style buttons or a display with a high refresh rate? Either way, that’s where gaming phones come in, and there are very few high-end gaming phones in the market. So, There’s one really big question you have to ask yourself when buying a gaming phone. Do you want the best gaming phone or the most budget gaming phone?

If you are looking for the best gaming phones then you will have to spend quite a decent amount of money. But if you are looking for a budget phone then you will find plenty of options. I hope this guide about the top 5 Gaming mobile companies helped you out. Happy Gaming.

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