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If you always wanted to become an official beta tester for PUBG Mobile, then today is your lucky day. Pubg Mobile has decided to give the opportunity to their most loyal players to beta-test their game. Now even you can be the official PUBG Mobile Beta tester. And today in this tutorial, We are going to show you about how you can participate and become an official PUBG Mobile Beta tester. However, do note that not everyone can get this opportunity since Pubg has limited spots available for beta testers.
pubg mobile beta official tester

Since there are many Pubg mobile players, only a few players will get the chance to become official Pubg beta testers. You need to fill a form as shown below to get selected.

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How to be an Official Pubg Mobile Beta Tester:

If you are on Twitter, then make sure to follow PUBG Mobile on their Twitter handle. All the latest PUBG news can be first seen there. So how exactly do you become a beta tester for PUBG Mobile?

Step 1: Go and join their official discord group:

Step 2: There you will find the latest beta link:

Here you need to apply for the official beta tester role by filling out the survey.

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How to fill out the survey for the official beta tester:


  • To apply for the role of official PUBG Mobile Beta Tester, go to this LINK
  • You need to confirm the policy agreement, as shown below:
pubg mobile beta official

  • Now you need to fill up the beta tester form on the official website as shown below:


You need to answer the following questions:

2. How old are you?*

3. What is your current level in PUBG Mobile? *

4. What is your numeric character ID in the Global version of PUBG Mobile? (A string of nine or ten digits, will help us to send invitations or rewards) *

5. What is your highest rank in the most recent three seasons? *

6. How long have you been playing the PUBG Mobile? *

7. How much time do you spend playing PUBG Mobile on average in a typical week? *

8. Where do you currently live? *

9. What’s your native language? *

10. What is your gender? *

11. What’s the best email address to contact you for beta testing? (we may send an invitation email to this address) *

12. Do you have a Discord account? *

13. What’s your Discord name? (e.g. Name#1234, must include letters+numbers, we may invite you to our official beta test server) *

  • Fill up all the required answers and click on submit.
  • You will get a message stating that you completed the survey. The dev team will contact you when you are selected for the role of the official PUBG Mobile tester.
pubg mobile beta official

I hope this guide has been informative for you and I thank you for reading. Beta testing is a great way for developers to understand player reviews and make necessary changes to the game. So, go join to become an official PUBG Mobile Beta Tester Now!!!

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See you in-game

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