20 Gameboy Advance (GBA) Emulators for Android

Yo, fellow Pokémon fanatics! If you’re anything like me and have been obsessed with Pokémon since the dawn of time, you probably crave revisiting those classic gems like Pokémon Emerald. But let’s face it, getting your hands on a GameBoy Advance these days is as likely as finding a unicorn riding a skateboard. That’s where the best GBA emulators for Android come to save your nostalgia-hungry soul. We’ve already got a kickass list of GBA emulators for iOS users, so if you’re rocking an iPhone, go check that out. Now, without wasting any more of your precious time, let’s dive into the good stuff.

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1. MyBoy! Lite

Every time I feel like a retro gaming binge, MyBoy! Lite is my go-to emulator. Why? Because it’s as smooth as a buttered-up dolphin. The free version handles your favorite Pokémon titles like a champ. Just grab the ROM, tap on it, and boom—instant nostalgia trip. Plus, it’s so lightweight it won’t eat up your storage. Want more speed? The Pro version offers up to 16x fast-forward, but honestly, the free version’s 2x limit is usually more than enough.

Seamless emulationFree version can’t load states from multiple slots
Free version is packed with featuresFast-forward speed limited to 2x in the free version
Clean UI with no ads
Super lightweight
Download MyBoy Lite! (Free)Download MyBoy! Premium ($4.99)

2. RetroArch

Alright, RetroArch might feel like trying to pilot a spaceship at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a beast. This all-in-one emulation software is packed with versatility, though it’s as user-friendly as a rabid porcupine. You need to download the GBA Core and load your ROMs into it. If you can survive the UI, you’ll find that nothing else compares to its power and customization.

All-in-one emulation softwareMay seem very confusing
No ads, 100% freeHeavy
Open source with tons of customization options
Download RetroArch (Free)

3. John GBAC

If you’ve been hunting for GBA emulators, you’ve surely stumbled upon John GBA or John GBC. But let’s be real—switching between them is a pain in the ass. That’s why John GBAC is a godsend, merging both worlds into one emulator. It’s actively updated and free, so you can forget about those separate, outdated apps.

GBA emulators for Android
GBC and GBA emulationSometimes can’t read files
Actively updated
Straightforward UI
Download John GBACDownload John GBA Lite

4. GBA Emulator

For the noobs out there, GBA Emulator is perfect because it handles compressed files without unzipping and has an in-app game library. That’s right, no more endless Googling for ROMs. But be prepared for a crapload of ads.

GBA emulators for Android
In-built GBA game libraryIntrusive ads
No restrictions on saving and loading
Download GBA Emulator (Free)

5. Pizza Boy GBA

Pizza Boy GBA is the easiest emulator to get into. It supports cheats, fast-forward, and lets you customize the control layout. The Pro version unlocks more goodies like multiplayer modes and quick saves, but even the free version is a solid choice. And guess what? No ads!

GBA emulators for Android
No ads, freeUI feels cluttered
Free version offers most features you need
Saving and loading is hassle-free
Download Pizza Boy GBA BasicDownload Pizza Boy GBA Pro

6. Nostalgia.GBA

Nostalgia.GBA has a unique blue retro theme and decent UI. The free version lacks fast forward but lets you rewind, which is perfect for fixing your mistakes. Cheats, screenshots, and customizable emulation quality make it worth using.

Well-placed controlsAds
Quick loading speedsImporting individual games can be tedious
Decent UINo fast forwarding
Download Nostalgia.GBA (Free)Download Nostalgia.GBA Pro ($2.99)

7. GBA Emulator – Classic GameBoy

This emulator might have a generic name, but it packs a punch with multiple themes and an in-built ROM download guide. The UI is attractive, and it’s super easy to use, though the ads can be a bit much.

In-built ROM download guide and sitesIntrusive ads
Multiple themes
Sync save files to Google Drive
Download GBA Emulator Classic GameBoy

8. Lemuroid

Lemuroid’s default controller and screen layout are the best of any emulator. It’s free, ad-free, and easy to use, though you need to move all ROMs to one folder. Once you do that, it’s smooth sailing.

GBA emulators for Android
No ads, freeRequires moving all ROMs to one folder
Excellent interface
Very easy to use
Download Lemuroid

9. ClassicBoy Games Emulator

ClassicBoy supports multiple consoles, including GBA, PlayStation, and more. It has plugins for different consoles and a gaming library for finding ROMs. The free version is decent, but the Pro version is where it’s at.

Plugins for several consolesCan’t resume games
Quickslot and 9 save slots for each console
Extracts and runs ROMs
Download ClassicBoy Lite (Free)Download ClassicBoy Pro Games Emulator (Free, $5.99)

10. VGBAnext

VGBAnext is a premium-only emulator that supports GB, GBC, NES, and GBA ROMs. It allows saving progress anytime, rewinding, network play, and gamepad support. If you want an unrestricted gaming experience, this is it.

GBA emulators for Android
Runs GB, GBC, NES, and GBA ROMsNo free version
Good user interfaceDoesn’t allow cheats
Gets actively updated
Download VGBAnext ($4.99)

11. One Emulator

One Emulator – is your all-in-one emulator for Arcade, GBA, FC-Famicom, and SFC-Super Nintendo games. It scans your game files quickly, making it easy to jump into classics like Street Fighter, Super Mario, and more. The Net-Play section lets you play with friends, bringing a new dimension to your gaming nostalgia.

GBA emulators for Android
Supports multiple classic consolesNo built-in ROMs
Net-Play for multiplayerRequires ROMs to be stored in a specific path
Quick game file scanning
Download One emulator

12. GameBoid (GBAoid)

GameBoid, also known as GBAoid, is a top-tier GBA emulator for Android. It’s completely free and runs most GBA games without a hitch. The downside? You’ll need to find your own Gameboy Advance BIOS, but that’s a minor hassle for such a solid emulator.

Free and easy to useRequires own BIOS file
Runs most GBA games smoothly
Customizable controls and save states
Download GameBoid

13. CoolGBA

CoolGBA is an advanced and free GBA emulator that also supports GBC games. It offers fast emulation speeds, high compatibility, and a great screen layout. If you’re craving a blast from the past, CoolGBA has you covered.

Supports GBA and GBC gamesOccasional compatibility issues
Fast emulation speeds
High game compatibility
Download CoolGBA

14. GBA.emu

GBA.emu is based on Visual Boy Advance M, offering robust save and cheat options. It supports .sav, .sgm, and .clt file formats, making it a powerful and versatile emulator for any GBA fan.

Based on Visual Boy Advance MSome features require manual setup
Robust save and cheat support
Customizable emulation options
Download GBA.emu

15. Matsu Player

Matsu Player is a multi-console emulator that supports PSX, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, GBA, and more. It lets you save at any point with its ‘savestate’ feature, though you’ll need to find your own ROMs. A handy choice for those who like variety.

GBA emulators for Android
Supports multiple consolesLimited ROMs provided
Customizable screen resolution and controls
Savestate feature
Download Matsu Player

16. GBA Pro Plus 4.0.0

GBA Pro Plus 4.0.0 is an advanced GBA emulator that promises a smooth gaming experience. Load your ROMs and start playing with customizable controls and various settings to enhance your gameplay.

Smooth gameplaySetup can be confusing for beginners
Customizable controls
Supports all GBA ROMs
Download GBA Pro Plus 4.0.0

17. GBA Games

GBA Games Emulator is straightforward and easy to use. Just transfer your ROMs to your internal storage or SD card and start playing. It’s simple, effective, and perfect for those who want a no-nonsense emulator.

Easy to useNo built-in ROMs
Straightforward setup
Supports GBA games
Download GBA Games Emulator

18. GBA Emulator – Nostalgia Games

GBA Emulator – Nostalgia Games supports multiple consoles including GBA. It’s packed with features like save states, cheats, and customizable controls. If you want a comprehensive emulator, this one’s a strong contender.

Supports multiple consolesCan be resource-heavy
Save states and cheats
Customizable controls
Download GBA Emulator Nostalgia Games

19. Emulator for GBA 2

Emulator for GBA 2 is a simple, free GBA emulator that offers quick setup and smooth gameplay. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles of other emulators, but it’s reliable and gets the job done.

Quick and easy setupLacks advanced features
Smooth gameplay
Download Emulator for GBA 2

20. SuperGBA

SuperGBA is a reliable emulator for playing GBA games on your Android device. It supports save states, cheats, and customizable controls, offering a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.

Supports save states and cheatsNo multiplayer support
Customizable controls
Smooth gameplay
Download SuperGBA

There you have it—20 fantastic GBA emulators for Android to keep your retro gaming dreams alive. Dive into our list of the best GBA games ever to find your next favorite time sink. Let us know in the comments which emulator rocked your world and which GBA games are your top picks.

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