XRIG X1-V1 Review (The Portable Budget Gaming Beast)

We recently got our hands on the Portable Budget gaming beast that is the XRIG X1-V1. In spite of the low price tag of 65000rs, it packs quite the punch when it comes to gaming and portability. As a PC enthusiast, I generally like to build my gaming PCs. I am honestly a budget gamer myself so I don’t generally like Prebuilt PCs simply since they charge a bit too much for the brand. There can also be performance and cooling issues, and the worst part is they charge a great deal of money just for the brand name whereas you can build a custom pc for half the price. Many companies have done the same but this small beast called the XRIG X1-V1 surprised me like no other. So here is my personal review on X1-V1: 

What’s Inside The XRIG Package

This mini gaming PC is a light and portable package that packs a lot of power. Plus it comes with a custom-made case that makes it very easy for you to travel around with it especially if love LAN Gaming parties like me. Here’s everything that comes in the XRIG package –

  • XRIG X1- V1 PC
  • HDMI Cable
  • Power Cable
  • XRIG Quick Manual
  • Warranty Card.
  • A Backup Pendrive


If you wanted to play games like GTA V, Valorant, DOTA, PUBG PC, or Pubg Mobile using an emulator then this is probably the best system you can buy. I doubt there is another budget gaming system you can buy in this price range. It comes 16GB Ram and the latest INTEL I5 10400F processor with 6 cores clocked at 4.3Ghz boost clock and the latest Nvidia 1650 super 4GB graphics card. As you know Nvidia Super is the latest iteration of Nvidia graphics cards that can push your gaming experience to the next level. Although this system does not come with an RTX graphics card, the 1650 Super can easily beat other graphics card in the range

Thus I like to call the XRIG X1-V1 the portable budget gaming beast.

XRIG X1-GS Review

Specifications –Processor
Intel i5 10400F
6 Cores / 12 Threads
2.90GHz Base Clock / 4.30GHz Boost Clock
16 GB DDR4
240GB SSD + 1 TB HDD
Graphics Card
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 4 GB GDDR6 OC Edition
Power Supply Unit
450W 80+ Bronze Certified With Active PFC feature
M-ATX H410 Chipset
Gigabit LAN

You can buy this PC from Noobs2pro.com and get special Goodies. Just visit the link below to order the PC. You can also customise it if you like.

All though its a gaming PC, Its a budget gaming PC and not a high-end one, and that is kind of obvious. It is not suitable for VR and Ray- tracing and under the budget of 65000rs, it’s not possible to get a machine with RTX. Many of our readers wanted to get an RTX in a 50-60k system which is just not possible. Sorry to break it to you but it’s not possible to get an RTX and VR Ready system. That is kind of obvious since the RTX 2060 Super itself costs around 30000Rs. And due to stock issues the prices have only increased.


Build it Yourself or Prebuilt PC

I was the type of always favor custom builds over prebuilt PC. And to a very large extent, I still am. But XRIG offers both options where you can buy prebuilt PCs or make your own. As far as the X1-V1 is concerned I honestly feel its the most value for money system you can buy for the price. And with the rise of cryptocurrency and the recent pandemic, the prices of computer parts are higher than ever.

I also tested adding all the individual components required for making the system in my amazon cart and the total came out to be roughly the same and on some other sites I tested, it was actually more since market prices tend to fluctuate a lot. It shows how value for money this system is, to be honest. Also, the benefit of going with a prebuilt pc always stands which are the warranty and aftersales service.

Custom PCs don’t really have warranties instead you only have warranties for the individual parts. So if your graphics card goes bad you need to go to the graphics card vendor. If CPU goes bad then you need to go to the CPU vendor.

I don’t have that luxury since I live in a town. Also I don’t have the time to run around after the stores. With XRIG its all taken care of with just a single call. They will pick up your system from your place and repair it then send it back to you. I honestly loved that convenience and piece of mind that I can have while gaming.


If you want a budget gaming rig for playing the latest games at 1080p and 60FPS, but do not want to concern yourself with the unnecessary headache of assembling a custom gaming PC, and worrying about warranty then this XRIG X1-V1 is perfect for you. The portability of the XRIG X1-V1 easily triumphs the fastest gaming laptops available at the same price range. So what are you waiting for? Get your budget gaming PC today.

Note: PC 1650S vs Laptop 1650S perform vastly different in games because in laptops the CPU and GPU are underclocked to save battery and avoid heating issues. The Max-Q and M variants of graphics cards cannot beat the desktop graphics cards in real-world gaming performance. So for example a 1660 Super Desktop Graphics card can beat an RTX 2060 Max Q or M variant Laptop graphics card.

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