Top 10 Anime Games for iOS

Anime has always been loved by people across the country. Though this genre of series started in countries like Japan and so, however the fans are always spread across the entire world. As days progressed and the era of mobile and PC Gaming came to existence bringing the people’s favourite movie as well as comic characters to the games, Anime fans started searching for the same. All they wanted was Anime games on mobile phones too. After a few launches of such games, the era of Anime Games came into existence. Here’s a list of top 10 Anime Games for iOS

1. Another Eden

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Another Eden merits getting for devotees of great JRPGs and single-player encounters. Indeed, The creation esteems are outstanding, and plainly a great deal of energy went into its turn of events. You should get this one at whatever point you can get your hands on it. It’s nostalgic.

2. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

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The prospect of new protagonists makes the game fresh as the combat stays enjoyable with advertising fights. Overall playability is good, and the prospect of winning a favorite character named “Super Super Rare” makes the game competitive.

3. BLEACH Brave Souls

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This game comes with a great load of awesomely built content. The plot of the story gets along very well and is consistent enough too. There is also a system with the help of which the player can upgrade its character. However, although there are so many things to explore in this game, yet there are a few things such as basic gameplay and the instability that it has during the gameplay.

4. Dragon Ball Legends

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The game holds very faithfully to the presentation theme of the Dragon Ball, just too little combat. The method fits very well and functions best in a soap style format. A lot of conversation and build-up to match. This formula when applied to a game, particularly one where you are required on your cell phone to peruse various pages in the middle of battles, doesn’t work. There is consistently that crumby expectation to absorb information one experiences when playing another game.

5. Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag

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This is a professional role-playing game that is genuinely safe to enjoy. Combat doesn’t cost resources or crystals and you can play as long as you like. Perhaps better, the built-in intensity of the fighting is made enjoyable by the melodramatic teen-romance plot.

6. Final Fantasy IX

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This game uses some even finer settings on the touch panel. The characters do look better than ever before. The videos seem to travel a fair way nor is the setting quite as vivid as the protagonists. The digital monitoring of dead areas is quite humiliating. Having these pros and cons the final verdict of the Final Fantasy IX can be withdrawn.

7. One Piece Treasure Cruise

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This game has a really good storyline experience that gives the user a feel of the same steady plot of the One Piece anime. The graphics are really impressive along with the sound effects too. This game has a few violent scenes and implied sexuality that makes it a bit “not-so-suitable” for the young toddlers. But, if the player is a manga or anime fan then this should be tried.

8. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation

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All those who are searching for a quick path into the game of cards will probably try out Yu-Gi-Oh-Duel Generation. The game shows you each and everything that needs to be done so as to master the art of “duels” and offers you the cards you should be using to keep the stuff dangling.

9. Langrisser

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If you have played Fire Emblem Heroes, then you should probably be knowing that this game does have a lot more to offer. Regular missions, competitions, milestones, activities, and more limited time tasks are showing up, with a decent number being quickly done, and a lot of effort expected by others. Playing virtually any mode will earn you bonuses, so it’s a very rewarding loop.

10. Blustone

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The gameplay graphics are stunning to visualize. Along with it, the game does have a fabulous home UI, though it follows a simple navigation. Unlike the simple collection of daily rewards or so, this game offers a cute Post Officer with whom you can have your conversation and try to collect rewards after the conversation.

That’s all, These were the top 10 best Anime games for iOS, If we have forgotten to add a great game to the list then let me know in the comment section below. Happy Gaming.

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