Valorant: Fade’s Special Abilities, Lore and More!

Fade is one the newest additions to Valorant’s agent lineup. However, despite only entering the fray in April 2022, she quickly emerged as a fan favorite. With a slick slate of special abilities and a killer backstory, expect Fade’s pick rate to gather steam in the months ahead.

An Introduction to Fade

When Fade was first announced as Valorant’s latest agent, many fans were excited to see what new details she would bring to ever-evolving game lore. Currently, Fade’s backstory is largely shrouded in mystery. We know she hails from Turkey and that she is investigating the disappearance of someone close to her. It’s this manhunt that brings her into contact with the Valorant Protocol.

After contacting Brimstone and other agents about her suspicions, Fade is made a person of interest. Eventually, Cypher tracks Fade down in her native Turkey and dispatches a team of agents to retrieve her. Fade is eventually apprehended by the Valorant Protocol, with her ingenuity and resourcefulness not going unnoticed. Eventually, she’s enlisted by the Valorant Protocol as their latest agent.

Special Abilities Explained

As an agent from the Initiator class, Fade boasts an impressive array of abilities that make her a worthy addition to any team. If you’ve played as Skye or Sova before, Fade’s abilities will be somewhat familiar.

Fade’s primary ability is called Haunt. With Haunt, you can quickly sniff out concealed enemies lurking nearby. Once revealed, both the Fade and her teammates will be alerted to these enemies. What sets this ability apart from things like Recon Dart is that haunt tags enemy trails. Thanks to this, Fade and her teammates can stay on the heels of enemies, even if they’re on the move. However, bear in mind that this trail is only active for a few seconds before vanishing.

Fade’s other main ability is Seize. It’s basically used to bind enemies in place, tethering them to a location so Fade can unleash a physical attack. Fade’s physical prowess is fairly impressive. She can put a sizable dent in the HP bar of her enemies, while her attacks also temporarily daze the enemy.

Next, we move on to Fade’s Prowler ability. Once triggered, this ability calls forth companion creatures that can be used to hunt out enemies in the vicinity. These prowlers will actively attack enemies once spotted. However, these attacks merely daze the enemy, meaning Fade or her teammates will need to step in with a more direct offensive.

Finally, there’s Nightfall, Fade’s Ultimate ability. This attack combines features of all of Fade’s other abilities. Any enemy caught in the blast radius will take a HP hit. They’ll also become dazed, while a trail marker will be temporarily applied to them.


The Verdict

Fade’s ability set makes her a particularly powerful attacker. If you need someone who can thin a crowd of enemies, she’s an obvious choice. However, she can also be used defensively, with her abilities particularly useful for keeping waves of enemies at bay.

She’s also a proficient tracker. If you’re unsure of whether an enemy is lurking nearby, Fade’s Haunt ability will prove invaluable. Furthermore, her Ultimate is one of the best around. Used at just the right time, Fade’s Nightfall ability can turn the tide of any match.

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