Top 5 Most Spectacular Moments at CS:GO tournaments 2021

2021 has been a historic year, where teams have fought hard to succeed in the online era and then adapt to the few LAN events that were sprinkled in. We saw a lot of new and young stars, making their way to the top of the shelves in CS:GO, and they were tested at the Major in front of tens of thousands of people.

NaVi created history by going undefeated in all matches and maps at the Major, a feat not even the legendary Astralis could pull off. Winning the elusive Major was a mere cherry on top of their big cake since they achieved Intel Grand Slam too in 2021.

Needless to say, 2021 has produced some exceptional and historic moments of CS:GO. Let’s take a look at the best of them.

5. NiKo 3k vs NaVi

One of the best aimers in the history of the game, NiKo had the tournament of his life up until the Grand Finals of Valve-sponsored Major, PGL Stockholm 2021. Consistently carrying G2, it was NiKo that stepped up to the plate for an incredible 3k to force the game to double overtime on NaVi’s strongest ever map, Nuke.

Despite dropping a 30+ kill performance in the grandest CS:GO Tournament there is, the Ukrainians eventually took home the Major trophy in double overtime; three out of three LAN trophies, all against G2.

4. s1mple 1v4 vs G2

(ESL | Adela Sznajder)

Arguably the greatest player to have braced the Counter-Strike franchise, s1mple went to unseen heights to close out the map against G2 in the Lower Bracket Final of BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2021.

Down to a 1v4, thanks to 2k by NiKo, s1mple headshot the Bosnian with his AK, followed by two quick kills on nexa and huNter. He dropped a Smoke and stole the bomb away, planting it with 2.5 seconds to spare. AmaNEk quickly got on the bomb without a fake and G2 were 0.24 seconds from securing their 14th round, but s1mple put him in NiKo’s grave with another headshot, securing NaVi a spot in the Grand Finals.

3. refrezh 1v5 vs Team Liquid

The young blood of Heroic halted an incredible Team Liquid comeback on B Site of Inferno in the decider map of the Quarterfinals of ESL Pro League Season 14.

After losing four of his teammates, refrezh quickly killed two players near the smoke in CT, before charging into the bombsite, fearlessly. Capitalizing on Stewie2k and NAF’s passivity, he hunted both down before pausing play to find Grim. Moments after planting the bomb, he quickly adjusted to headshot Grim near Coffins and took Heroic to Overtime.

This clutch is one of the greatest ones in recent memories and will be cherished for ages and beyond.

2. dev1ce Deagle 1v4 vs Team Vitality

(ESL | Stephanie Lindgren)

One of the most legendary CS:GO players ever, dev1ce pulled an unimaginable rabbit out of his hat against Vitality on Overpass in the Upper Bracket Final of BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020.

Down to a 1v4 in an after-plant situation, dev1ce held his nerve as 4 Vitality players tried to rush him and end the map. But dev1ce had other plans. After spamming some body shots on apeX, dev1ce got two quick kills before getting two collateral headshots on zywOo and misutaaa.

This play will forever remain in the top echelons of Legendary Counter-Strike Moments.

1. cadiaN 1v4 vs Gambit Esports

The veteran IGL of Heroic, cadiaN created magic out of nothing but a P250 and a Karambit to begin with. Sitting on tournament point of the premier ESL Pro League Season 13, the stakes simply couldn’t have been higher.

With the whole of Gambit unaware of the IGL’s location, cadiaN snuck up behind sh1ro and knifed him, stealing his AWP. After quickly dropping nafany, he wall-banged the boxes twice to kill interz. Some positional plays later, he narrowed down ax1le’s position, and with just 2 HP to spare, an armourless cadiaN pulled out a clutch that has irreversibly etched its way into the history books, winning Heroic one of the biggest CS:GO events of the year.

(ESL | Helena Kristiansson)

There are only a few tournaments before the year will be closed out. The last three of these are S-Tier, with the world’s greatest teams competing in them. We can only hope our list of dramatic moments grows, as these CS:GO events come to fruition. The million-dollar tournament, BLAST Premier Global Final 2021 will be a treat to watch as the last CS:GO tournament of the year. The next S-Tier CS:GO’s pro tournaments is BLAST Premier Worldl Finals 2021, starting 14 december with eight of the best teams in the world.

We see how ferociously hard the teams fight to win the grandest of prizes, and in this pursuit, we witness some of the greatest moments that force their way into the history books. The upcoming CS:GO tournaments can promise to be nothing less than that, and the world will be hot on NaVi’s heels to break the Ukrainians’ world dominance.

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