Uncovered Secrets of New World with Weapons, Armor and Twitch Drops

Of all New World equipment, weapons are what players need the most. The better the weapon and gear,
the more damage a player can cause. Also with better gear you get better protection from enemies. Now These weapons are obtained through several means. While some are crafted, others are found in random loots lying around in containers. Some are chests or drop randomly after an enemy or boss has been defeated or when a quest is done.

The best weapons for pvp are crafted weapons with the rarest perks and as you can imagine they are pretty rare and expensive to make. This has lead to sites like ChicksGold and others who offer all kinds of in-game currencies and even items to players. Skins in new world are however can only be bought in store with real money or with in-game events and twitch events.

Features of New World Weapons and armor

Weapons and armor in new world have the following common factors. That help you decide the quality of items in game. Be it weapons or armor.

Gear Score
The gear score shows the strength and highest capacity of a New World weapon or armor. Highest gearscore at the time of writing is 625. But items that can crafted or dropped are at maximum 600 gear score. They can be upgraded with umbral shards. Weapons with a high gear score do more damage.


By definition, a New World weapon or armor perk is gives it special effects or skills for offense or defence. Weapons with no perks are very common and have no extraordinary skills. Weapons
with a single perk are uncommon with matching quality. Weapons with two or three perks have
rare or epic qualities, respectively. And weapons with 3 perks and a gem are legendary weapons.

Weapon Mastery
Each weapon in new world has its own mastery table and depending on the perks you select you can mix and max different things in New World weapons damage and defence skills. Some skills also grant stamina for doding.


Gems in new world basically grant you an extra perk or skill that can change your damage or boost your damage depending on the gem slotted in the weapon or armor.

New World Twitch Drops

We mentioned earlier that New World weapons, and armor skins could be gotten from Twitch drops. Twitch drops are fun ways New World lovers and players can get weapons, armor skins, and
other loot for the game. All these can be done by feasting your eyes and catching up with your
favorite Twitch channels. It is quite easy to do and can be achieved in quick and easy steps.

  1. If you have a Twitch account, log into it. If you don’t, it’s time to create one.
  2. After getting into your account, set your Twitch profile to online and proceed to earn
    your bounty.
  3. The final step is easy but will require a little effort on your side. You have to meet the
    goal necessary for claiming the Twitch drops. Once that is done, link your account and
    receive your rewards.

Types of New World Weapons:

New World has several weapon types with special characteristics and abilities. We will be
looking at these weapons and how you can use them to have more fun in the game.

  1. Bows: Best for combat from a high-range position. It quickly reloads, and repositioning
    is quick as well.
  2. Blunderbusses: Great for both close-range combat and mid-range combat. It requires
    intelligence and strength to perfect the weapon.
  3. Fire Staves: Magical weapons with very destructive powers.
  4. Great Axes: Two-handed weapons for single-target attacks and damage over a wide
  5. Ice Gauntlet: Magical weapons that can control crowds like fire staves. However,
    instead of destroying, it slows and freezes enemies.
  6. Hatchet: Powerful weapon that can deliver a quick offense, even if its capability is
  7. Life Staves: Unlike fire staves, life staves have healing powers and can be used for
    protection and tight defenses.
  8. Muskets: Like hatchets, muskets are used for melee and can be used for stylish and quick
    attacks with the potential for high rewards.
  9. Shields: Boosts players’ ability to block attacks.
  10. Swords: Comes as a pair with shields and help players with fast offenses.
  11. Spears: Has speed and can be used for high-range attacks.
  12. Void gauntlets: Magical weapon that allows gamers to conjure destructive weapons like
    the Orb of Decay and the Void Blade.
  13. War hammer: Like the Axes, however, it deals the highest level of raw damage to an
  14. Greatswords: Two handed sword which does devastating damage.

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