CalltoCombat Brings A-Class Metaverse MMORPG on BNB Smart Chain

While GameFi fundamentally changed how players around the world enjoy entertainment and earnings at the same time, CalltoCombat revolutionizes the whole scenario. The Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) game brings in not only the elements of hours of fun but helps people enter the ever-expanding metaverse.

A First Class, First Person Shooter

First Person Shooter (FPS) games have always attracted a crowd. Giving people a chance to live their fantasies as heroes who battle the forces of evil is an entertainment like none other.

The success of the game is in its complexity of quality and graphics, yet simplicity in playing. Assuming the role of a combatant, the player has to complete specific objectives such as freeing hostages or taking out an enemy leader. Equipped with modern weapons, the game is fast-paced and entertaining with realistic graphics and enemies that can adapt to the situation, making the challenges unique.

While CalltoCombat may look like another assault type game, the FPS gameplay is more deeper than that. Players will need to carefully balance their skills, character limitations, the right weapons for the objectives, etc. Ranging from a basic Lieutenant and up to the rank of a General, each character has different statistics and skills that can come in handy in the different missions and levels. The right pairing of characters and weapons according to the mission can make all the difference between winning and losing. 

GameFi and Metaverse

CalltoCombat is an FPS that takes the very successful formula and mixes up some unique gameplay features that differentiate it from the rest of the games. Infusing the elements of blockchain, CalltoCombat offers:

  • Play to Earn: Playing the game earns its users CTC, the in-game crypto token. Unlike traditional games, these tokens have worth not only within the game (to buy weapons, ammo, health and upgrades) but as crypto, they have real-life value outside CalltoCombat.
  • Free to Play: You do not need to spend money and buy the game. All you need is completely free, with players able to enjoy a quality entertainment product without denting their pockets.
  • NFT: All characters and in-game items such as weapons, health packs, etc. are NFT based and as such, the player owns these. The CTC marketplace enables them to buy and sell these as they see fit, creating more earnings as they play and gather items.

The characters and items give CalltoCombat the elements of the metaverse, the hottest consumer technology at the moment. Talking about this, CalltoCombat Co-Founder Mark Boyd said,

“The Metaverse Keeps redefining itself, with millions of users venturing in daily, it is without no doubt that metaverse will be the landmark for the future.”

Running BNB Smart Chain, CalltoCombat is the first MMORPG Metaverse game on the efficient and high-speed blockchain.

The game’s future holds a lot of other upcoming features that will create ever more entertainment opportunities for the players. One of the biggest updates that CallToCombat will receive is a move into Virtual Reality, where players will be able to use VR headsets and get right into the middle of their missions.

Secure and Exploit Proof

The CallToCombat team, where it prioritizes having an addictive gameplay, does not forgo the safety aspects of the platform.

The game’s CTC smart contract has already been audited by InterFi Network, a multi chain security analysis platform that is famous for its diligence in going through each line of code. On top of that, the CallToCombat is also having an independent set of eyes going through the CTC Smart Contract with a fine-toothed comb, this time it is the globally recognized Certik.

The full report of the InterFi Network audit can be read here, with the updates on the ongoing Certik audit here.

The team is also planning to have a complete game contract audit done by Hacken. The famous penetration test platform has done major platforms, including 50 different major crypto exchanges

What’s in the Future for CallToCombat

The CallToCombat team has been active for the last half a year, from coming up with the concept of the game, right down to the actual development. Some major milestones have already been achieved, such as the smart contracts, playable characters, NFTs and the audits.

In the future, the team is planning a host of different development and expansions, including partnering up with different gaming brands and platforms to make CallToCombat more accessible to gamers around the world. The team also intends to engage the community actively with regular updates and different contests (with as high as $10,000 for winners).

The year 2023 will see more additions to the platform, some directly gameplay related and some platform based. The VR based web3 version of the game will go into development, along with setting up the Banking Fund that will protect the tokenomics of CallToCombat by maintaining price stability and avoiding slippages. CallToCombat will also expand beyond BNB Smart Chain and go multi-chain with integrating different products and services on the Solana blockchain.

The platform will also continue to strive for an effective DAO. Currently the DAO is in the developmental stage and there is no community voting possible. This will change in early 2023 with CTC holders able to stake and have governance votes. In the long run, the gamers and players will be able to control all aspects of the game and platform, such as rewards, new missions and character introduction.

CTC, Powering Your Game

Players earn rewards in the shape of the native CTC tokens, which can be used not only in the marketplace to buy weapons and characters, but with the upcoming listing on PancakeSwap, players will be able to cash out their winnings.

The CTC also offers a high APY staking mechanism, called Hold to Earn. All users have to do is acquire and hold a minimum amount of CTC, enabling as much as 1076% APR. Since the CTC are held in the players’ wallets and not in a smart contract, they have complete ownership and control

The CTC is currently going through its IDO phase, allowing players to secure their tokens at a cheap rate. All bought tokens are locked until 5th November to avoid pump and dump schemes.

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