Top 10 Light Armor Sets in Skyrim

In Skyrim, Armors are very important. Armors protect you from arrows and different attacks. light armor in Skyrim is may not be as defensive as the heavy armor but those light armor sure make you move quicker with a few defense boosts. In this article, we are going to talk about the top 10 best light armor sets in Skyrim. Given below is the list of best light armors in Skyrim.

Skyrim Top 10 Best Light Armors 2021 - Gamerstips

1. Glass Armor Set

The glass might seem like a weakly crafted ingredient, but in Skyrim, Glass Armor is the excellent light armor available.

  • How To Get Glass Armor Set: it can be created if the player has the forge level 70 and the glass forge advantage.
Glass Armor Set
Glass Armor Set

2. Nightingale Armor Set

It is a unique light armor set. Nightingale Armor Set is one of the coolest light armor sets in the entire game.

How To Get Nightingale Armor Set: After joining the Nightingales and obeying Prince Daedra Nocturnal’s orders, you will receive this set towards the end of the Thieves Guild’s main quest.

The armor can be upgraded with Void Salts and when the full set is worn it becomes 69 armor, making the Nightingale light armor set one of the best light armor sets in Skyrim.

Nightingale Armor Set
Nightingale Armor Set

3. Chitin Armor Set

Not to be confused with the Morag Tong armor, the Chitin armor has a similar appearance with a more reddish tint. Included in the Dragonborn DLC, this armor can be found in multiple locations around Solstheim.

How To Get Chitin Armor Set: It can also be crafted if the Elven Smithing Perk is unlocked and the player is Smithing level 30. Its crafting recipe requires a skin of Netch, a plate of chitin, and an iron ingot. armor ratings. Without any doubt, this armor is one of the best light armor sets in Skyrim.

Chitin Armor Set
Chitin Armor Set

4. Scaled Armor Set

Another light armor from the base game is easy to find in loot or even on the corpses of most bandits

  • How To Get Scaled Armor Set: The player can also craft one as long as their forge is level 50 and has the Advanced Armor Perk unlocked. The recipe calls for Corundum Ingot, Leather, Leather Thongs, and Steel Ingot.

When wearing a full set, will grant the player an armor score of around 64.

Scaled Armor Set
Scaled Armor Set

5. Stalhrim Light Armor Set

Stalhrim Light Armor is one of the best Armor in Skyrim. It is a new mineral introduced in the Dragonborn DLC and allows for the creation of a new set of heavy and light armor.

  • How to Get Stalhrim Light Armor Set: Various NPCs in Solstheim will sell the armor, but it will also be included in the loot around level 35.

The level 80 Forge and the Ebony Smithing Perk are a must to craft one from scratch. The recipe calls for Stalhrim, Leather Thongs, Steel Ingots, and Shiny Silver Ingots. With the shield, we can expect to have an Armor Rating of 108 when wearing the full set.

Stalhrim Light Armor Set
Stalhrim Light Armor Set

6. Imperial Light Armor Set

There are a few small perks to joining the Imperial Legion, one of which is getting your hands on the Imperial Light Armor Set. This armor can be acquired almost instantly in-game when the Dragonborn escapes from Helgen.

  • How To Get Imperial Light Armor Set: Imperial Light Armor Set can also be created if the Steel Forging Perk is unlocked.

The full set of Imperial Light Armor with a shield will give the wearer an armor rank of 68.

Imperial Light Armor Set
Imperial Light Armor Set

7. Ancient Falmer Armor Set

This is one of the most unique light armor sets in Skyrim. Cannot be crafted, but can optionally be upgraded with Moonstone Ore. Almost seems to combine an ebony armor set and an elven armor set with a fantastic look.

  • How to Get Ancient Falmer Armor Set: To get this light armor set the Dawnguard DLC must be installed and Archbishop Vyrthur must be defeated in the Touching the Sky mission. Loot his corpse to find this adorable one-of-a-kind set, which has an armor rating of 60.
Ancient Falmer Armor Set
Ancient Falmer Armor Set

8. Guild Master’s Armor Set

With the Nightingale armor out of the way, the slightly less beautiful but still extremely good Guild Master armor set is worth it and is much better than the Nightingale set when it comes to rating the armor. It is also easier to update with just the peel.

  • How to Get Guild Master’s Armor Set: To get your hands on it, you will not only need to complete the Thieves Guild’s main mission but also restore the guild to its former glory by doing work for Delvin and Vex. Tonilia will give you this armor set.

Which easily ranks among the best light armor sets in Skyrim with a rating of 76.

Guild Master's Armor Set
Guild Master’s Armor Set

9. Dawnguard Armor Set

The Dawnguard DLC introduces players to a new faction fighting the rise of the Volkihar vampires. In recruits, we can choose between a light or heavy armor set, with the light being a slightly modified version of the heavy.

  • How To Get Dawnguard Armor Set: It is available and simple to find and can also be redeemed although it cannot be created.

The full set of light armor will provide the player with an armor rating of 61, making it medium-level light armor in Skyrim.

Dawnguard Armor Set
Dawnguard Armor Set

10. Dragonscale Armor Set

The best light armor of the game is the Dragonscale armor. If the Daedric kind had light armor, it might most likely be one thing better than this one. However, sadly light armor wearers can have got to create due. This armor will seldom be found in loot, that is why crafting it’s typically the higher option.

  • How to Get Dragonscale Armor Set: At Smithing level one hundred and with the Dragon Armor perk unlocked. The player is ready to craft a full set victimization Dragon Scale.
  • With a defend included, the set rates at around 111. Creating it tight even for serious armor standards and as such. The final word and best lightweight armor set in Skyrim. it’s a superior armor rating to Glass armor, however the next weight.

Created to go, the dragon’s armor stays with a higher rating. But only 8, which makes the difference in weight of age, even if the full range of dragging weighs the chest of iron armor.

Dragonscale Armor Set
Dragonscale Armor Set

These are the top 10 Light Armor Sets in Skyrim.
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