Top 20 Games with Black Lead Characters

We wanted to support the black people’s community all over the world in our own gamer way.  So we decided to make a list of all the games with inspiring black lead characters in the gaming world. We hope game developers will keep making more games like this to help our future generations be unbiased and treat everyone equally irrespective of ethnicity. So here are the Top 20 Games with Amazing Black Lead Protagonist Characters :

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1) Watchdogs 2: Marcus Holloway

Black lead protagonists
Marcus Holloway

Marcus Holloway is the lead character of Watchdogs 2 showing off his amazing hacking skills and fighting for the people’s right to privacy. Watchdogs 2 has one of the most amazing black lead characters that resonates with people so much that it becomes one of the most played games in the African American community. It an amazing story that shows the real world of hackers. Instead of getting too much into the actual techy stuff, they have delved into the hacker culture itself. An amazing game that shows off the tech and hacker prowess of Marcus Holloway. The game’s story is full of fun and nerdy things from the hacker world. You have plenty of action and challenges that are sure to excite you.

If you love tech and hacking then you just have to play this game and have fun in the bay area with Marcus Hollaway

2) GTA V: Franklin

black lead game portagonists characters

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most famous games ever made. And the most loved character of GTA V is none other than Franklin. Franklin Clinton is the main protagonist in Grand Theft Auto V, along with Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips who play secondary roles. GTA V gives players the perfect opportunity to experience real-world action in a wild city. It is a must-play for all gamers since you get to play the amazing story of Franklin and how he learns to deal with the real world while being broke and then being a successful millionaire later.

Franklin is one of the few most well known black game characters in the history of Gaming. Don’t miss the chance to play GTA V.

3) MAFIA 3: Lincoln Clay

Black lead game character
Lincoln Clay

In Mafia 3 you get to play as Lincoln Clay. He is a Vietnam War veteran who starts his own criminal empire in the city. Your job is to manage your criminal empire while seeking revenge after the Marcano Crime Family killed your adopted family, the Black Mob, and left him for dead. The game is sure to give you a thrilling experience in the world overrun with Mafia. Lincoln Clay is one of the most inspiring black protagonists in the gaming world. I wish we had more protagonists like this.

Here is Lincoln Clays favorite quote:

Family isn’t who you’re born with, it’s who you die for.
— Lincoln Clay

4) Left 4 dead 2: Rochelle, Coach, and Louis

Black lead characters in left for dead 2
Rochelle, Coach, and Louis

Coach and Rochelle are two of the most iconic characters in the left for dead series. If killing zombies and saving the world doesn’t make your day than I don’t know what will. You can play as the strong and buff coach or swift and nimble Rochelle in Left for dead 2 along with a bunch of other characters. In the later maps, you also get to play as Louis who is not as well known as Rochelle but still an amazing character nonetheless. Left for dead was one of the first games with playable black characters and was much applauded for the same. We really need more characters of different ethnicities so that users can feel represented in the game.

Left for dead 2 is one of the few games with a really good character selection. It was one of the most played games on steam for so long that it managed to make its name forever in the gaming world.

5) Prototype 2: James Heller

James Heller lead character
James Heller

Prototype 2 main lead is non-other than James Heller.  Fueled by the tragedy of losing his wife and child, Sergeant James Heller faces off with Alex Mercer who infected him and turned him into a mutant with the Blacklight virus. You get to experience the story of and play around with your Mutant superpowers while you track Alex Mercer to get your revenge.

If you like going wild in cities and using your superpowers to save the world this game is for you.

6) GTA SA: Carl Johnson (CJ)

Carl Johnson (CJ)

Grand Theft Auto is one of the best games ever made. The fans of GTA SA are asking for a remake even now. You get to play as Carl johnson aka CJ and deal with the local gang. You now need to protect and expand your hood as well as fight for your brothers in the city of San Andreas. From Gang wars to romantic dates you get to experience everything as you play the role of Carl Johnson in GTA San Andreas.

GTA San Andreas was one of the first games that showcased a lot of black characters back in the day. Sweet, Bigsmoke, CJ, etc have become so iconic that everyone in the gaming world knows their names. The exciting world of GTA San Andreas is always waiting for new players.

7) Resident Evil 5: Sheva Alomar

Black Lead Character in Gaming
Sheva Alomar

Sheva Alomar is one of resident evils strongest female characters ever. After becoming an orphan from a factory accident, Sheva was taken in by her uncle. The uncle happens to be a member of the hardcore military and thus Sheva also ended up learning the skills of being a lethal soldier. She has amazing gunplay skills and you can always unlock more costumes for Sheva to make her look amazing.

So make sure to play Resident Evil 5 in order to experience the life and thrill of playing as Sheva.

8) The Walking Dead: Lee Everett, Clementine

Lee Everett, Clementine
Lee Everett, Clementine

Clementine and Lee Everett are the most loved characters of The walking dead game series. Clementine is basically everyone’s game daughter while Lee Everett is the father figure everyone needs. From shooting zombies and fighting for survival you also need to make crucial decisions that will decide your future. You get to play as both Lee and Clementine in the walking dead series. According to us Lee and Clementine are one of the most charming and dynamic zombie-fighting duos ever. Their partnership was amazing- even if it was short-lived.

4) Valorant: Phoenix, Raze

Valorant the newest FPS Esports game released by Riot Games. They have done an amazing job by making a character roster that is unbiased and has multiple options of different ethnicity to choose from. You get to choose from a number of characters and new characters will be regularly be added via future updates. Our favorite Black lead characters are non-other than the infamous Phoenix and Raze. They are two of the most amazing characters that you can play in Valorant. Their skills are overpowered and once mastered can result in some terrific victories. Make sure you play and explore their story and gameplay in Valorant.

5) Overwatch: Baptiste, Lucio and Doomfist

Baptiste, Lucio and Doomfist

Baptiste, Doomfist, and Lucio are three of the most amazing and overpowered Overwatch Characters. Overwatch did a great job by providing us with a big roster of players to choose from. Baptiste and Lucio are combat medics who help heal their comrades and boost their teammates at the same time. They look amazing and represent combat medic soldiers very well.

Doomfist, on the other hand, is a seasoned warrior that can give heavy damage to enemies. He is like a one-man army with amazing combat skills. Make sure to check him out Overwatch.

6) Apex Legends: Bangalore, Gibraltar, and Lifeline

Black lead characters in apex legends
Bangalore, Gibraltar, and Lifeline

Apex Legends is one of the most unbiased games in the history of gaming. There are many characters from different races and backgrounds that you can play with and explore your own playstyle.

Banglore and Lifeline, are two of the most amazing badass characters of the Apex Legends crew. Banglore is a professional soldier while Lifeline on the other hand is an expert combat medic. Both are a few of the most amazing women in the history of gaming. Then we have the shield fortress Gibraltar who is always willing to put his life on the line for partners and comrades in arms. These are the 3 lead protagonists with an African-American background. An amazing game with millions of players all over the world. A must-play for Gamers.

12) Assassin Creed Liberation: Aveline de Grandpré

Aveline de Grandpré female black assassin lead protagonist
Aveline de Grandpré

Aveline de Grandpré is an Assassin with French and African heritage, who lived in the area of New Orleans. Your father is a  wealthy French merchant Philippe de Grandpré and your mother is an African slave by the name of Jeanne. Aveline is one of the most inspiring lady characters in any game so far. She notices the issue of discrimination and is resolved to act against this injustice. She meets the Assassin Agaté, who is impressed by her dedication and pursuit for justice. He then teaches her the skills of an assassin and makes her an official member of the brotherhood of assassins.

13) Crysis 3: Prophet


The prophet is one of the most loved characters in the Crysis series. You get to play as Prophet only in Crysis 3 that too because of the Nano Suit. The personality and memories of Prophet are coded in the nanosuit and thus essentially you play as Prophet in Crysis 3 game. You as a seasoned war veteran have to fight against Hargrave and fight off the alien invasion that has taken over planet earth.

Prophet is known as one of the most badass game characters in the entire Crysis series.

14) Half-Life Alyx: Alyx Vance

female lead protagonist in action games for girls black female lead protagonists
Alyx Vance

Alex Vance is the lead protagonist of the game Half-Life Alex. Alyx is not only a skilled hacker but also a very good fighter. She is also very talented at bypassing security systems, locked doors, and even in reprogramming enemy equipment such as turrets and mines.The game follows Alyx Vance’s journey as you control Alyx, humanity’s only chance at survival. Your job is to help the resistance take down the Combine once and for all. Alyx is portrayed as a strong female lead that deliveries justice to those in need. An amazing character you must play.

15) Evolve: Maggie


Maggie is the main lead protagonist from the game Evolve. She is one of the many characters you can choose. But she is one of the strongest hunter characters in the game. She comes with a powerful trapper with a 400-pound trap-jaw companion Daisy. You can get the rare opportunity to experience hunting monsters and fighting with your beast companion daisy. It has amazing graphics and is a must-play for gamers.

16) Dragon Age Inquisition: Vivieiene

Vivienne lead female character

Vivienne is one of the strongest playable mage characters in Dragon age inquisition. The main game itself lets you play and customize your character as per need. Vivienne is one of those game characters that has broken the typical stereotype and shown the strength of women in the world. She also represents the strength of black women and thus deserves to be on the list in spite of being a side character.

17) Dead Island Riptide: Purna

Purna female lead character for action games black female lead protagonists

Dead Island has Purna, a former cop and firearms expert that can mow down hordes of zombies. Her weapon and skill expertise has made her the leader. You’re now working as a bodyguard to the rich and wealthy. With the world going crazy with zombies in the dead island you can use your expert weapon and fighting skills to survive and lead the other survivors.

18) Remember me: Nilin

Nilin badass female lead character black female lead protagonists

Nilin from Remember Me is one of the most inspiring black lead female character and a freedom fighter chosen to bring down an evil corporation called Memorize. Your memories are stolen by Memorize, the corporation that created the memory-altering technology known as Sensen. Now you must recover your stolen memories and expose the crimes committed by Memorize and bring them down. The character has received a lot of praise and was well received.

19)True Crime: Marcus Reed

Marcus Reed

Marcus Reed is one of the oldest and most iconic Black characters in the history of gaming. You have a gangster background with your father being the leader of the gang. You and your father are betrayed by Kev Lar and you are saved by your father’s best friend. 5 years later now you are a police officer in the NYPD police department. The game has two endings and is truly one of the oldest game masterpieces ever made.

20) Dishonored: Death of the Outsider: Bille Lurk

Dishonored Death of an Outsider is one of the few games with a female lead protagonist. The game itself is amazing. You get to play as Billie Lurk who is a former assassin who reunites with his mentor Daud to hunt the mysterious entity known as The Outsider. Your job is to assassinate the Outsider and save your people and the world from his evil plans.

Bille Lurk
Bille Lurk

The game is unique and for the first time Dishonoured went with a female lead instead of the regular male lead. A great and novel approach appreciated by many in the gaming industry. Make sure to have fun carrying out assassinations with Bille.

That’s all folks. These were the top 20 black lead protagonists and the games they are featured in. I really wish game developers would make more games with black lead protagonists. More and more games are adding the ability to customize and make your own characters which is quite good to see. I humbly request more game developers to keep adding multiple characters so that gamers can represent themselves as they want to, in their favorite games. After all, we love to connect with our game characters and live there story. Happy Gaming.

See you in-game

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