Top 10 Google Doodle Games

“Google Doodle”, as we know, is an occasional, brief update to the logo on Google’s homepages to celebrate holidays, events achievements, and lives of important historical figures. From the success of Google Doodle Events came Google Doodle Games that have been the most fan-favorite games of all time.

No complicated setup, no high specs requirement, no memory required either. Just your phone or pc with an internet connection. So without further ado here are the best google doodle games you can play:

1. Pac-Man

top google doodle game

One of the most iconic and popular Google Doodle game made to commemorate the infamous retro game called “Pacman”. This game is simply too addictive and entertaining. The goal is to eat all the dots present on the screen. The Google Doodle Developers have made sure to creatively include the world google on the map as you can see. This can be played in a two-player mode too. This game extends up to the 255th level making it quite the entertainment. This game is sure to make you nostalgic if you use to play Pacman before.

2. Soccer 2012

google doodle games

This google doodle game was launched on 10th August 2012 with the London Olympics 2012 theme. The game starts with the player being a goalkeeper whose objective is to stop the ball from getting inside the goal. The goals are being hit by the AI standing in front and your job is to stop them. The player is controlled with the help of the arrow keys and the spacebar is for jump dive.

A fun and interesting soccer game that anyone can enjoy.

3. Rubik

This Google Doodle was launched on May 19, 2014, to commemorate the birthday of the famous inventor of the Rubik’s Cube. A Rubik’s Cube pops up on the screen which can be either be turned with the help of your mouse

The goal is the same as the traditional Rubix cube which is to make sure all the colors are on the respective side. A fun and interesting game to play from the comfort of your home.

4. Hurdles 2012

This Doodle was launched to represent the London Hurdles Game in the London Olympics 2012. This again follows simple gameplay but it’s quite challenging to get the gameplay right. Here, the player has to control the runner with the help of the left and right cursor keys. The spacebar is for jumping. The goal is to time all the keys perfectly so that you can run the fastest. The game is simple but quite challenging since it’s hard to get the timing right when the game speeds ups.

5. ICC Championship Trophy 2017 Begins

google doodle games

Released on the day when the ICC Championship trophy had begun, this Doodle gained popularity all over the world especially in the parts of the world where cricket is the main sport. The concept and gameplay of this google game is quite simple. The main aim of the game is to score as many runs as you can. There is a button of the “bat” which you need to click on when you see the ball approaching towards the batsman. As easy as it gets as long as you can get the timing right. The game is easy to play and has quite the fan base.

6. Basketball 2012

This Doodle was developed during the London Olympics in 2012 and has quite the fan following. Basketball games have always been popular. This game is quite simple where you need to shoot the basketball in the hoops. The “Spacebar” controls the power of the ball. In other words the longer you press the key, the farther the ball goes, and vice-versa. The goal is to score as high as possible in the given time frame.

7. Robert Moog’s 78th Birthday

google doodle games

This doodle was made on 23rd May 2012 for commemorating the 78th birth anniversary of the famous Robert Moog the American engineer, who was the inventor of the very popular musical synthesizer called Moog’s Synthesizer. A Moog’s Synthesizer is a musical instrument that produces new varieties of sounds by changing and making a few variations in the frequencies of the tune. The Doodle game that was made is exactly similar to the Moog Synthesizer. You must try to adjust the variations of tunes and sounds and play the tune accordingly. You also have the option to record your newly made tune and save it locally.

8. Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

google doodle games

This Google Doodle game was made for Doctor Who when it was quite a famous show. The huge fan following made this game quite popular and it was a very interesting mini-game, to begin with. When the game starts you need to select your character and walkthrough all the paths that come across to collect the letters of the word “GOOGLE”.

A fun game with decent easter eggs. Make sure to find them.

9. Halloween 2016

This Doodle might remind you of the famous Harry Potter series when you see the gameplay and setup. In this google doodle game, you get to hunt ghosts with your magic wand. The game is cute and cat lovers will like it a lot. Every ghost that comes near the cat must be destroyed by drawing the symbol present above the ghost. By swiping the cursor in the same manner as shown one can easily destroy the ghosts and the goal to get the highest score possible. Believe it or not, some of the people have managed to make some pretty high scores in-game.

10. Valentine’s Day

google doodle games

The Doodle was published on the 11th of February, 2017, the first day of Valentine’s Day Week. As you can guess it’s a valentines themed game with that features Giant Pangolin. With the help of arrow keys, you need to make sure the Pangolin reaches its goal. It’s simple yet fun to play a game that gets challenging pretty fast. It is quite similar to the Red Ball 2 game.

Google Doodles have always been a very good pastime for people at work or people who were bored. There are many more games as well as hidden easter eggs in google games that are sure to shock you if you manage to find them.

That’s all folks, these were the top 10 google doodle games you can play anytime anywhere. If we have forgotten to add a great doodle game to the list then let me know in the comment section below. Happy Gaming.

See you in-game

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