Top 7 Game Streaming Apps for Android & iOS

In today’s digital age, game streaming has become a popular pastime for both creators and viewers alike. With the rise of mobile gaming, there has been a surge in the popularity of game-streaming apps for Android phones. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer looking to share your gameplay with the world or a casual viewer looking for entertaining content, there’s a game streaming app out there for you. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take a closer look at the top 7 game streaming apps for Android phones, each offering unique features and functionalities to enhance your streaming experience.


Twitch is widely regarded as the premier destination for live streaming, particularly among gaming enthusiasts. With millions of active users and a vast library of content, Twitch offers a diverse range of live streams covering everything from eSports tournaments to casual gameplay sessions. Its intuitive interface and robust feature set make it a favorite among both creators and viewers. Its is by far one of the best apps for streamers to stream as a gamer.

game streaming apps for streamers


Kick is quickly emerging as one of the fastest-growing game streaming apps, boasting some of the largest creators in the world alongside millions of active users. Designed with creators in mind, Kick offers a unique and rewarding streaming experience, complete with tools for monetization and audience engagement. Viewers can enjoy a wide variety of live-streamed content while supporting their favorite creators.


Streamlabs is a powerful live-streaming app that allows users to stream their games to various platforms with ease. It offers real-time alerts, stream analytics, and loyalty programs to help creators build a dedicated fan base and optimize their streams for maximum engagement. It deserves its spot as one of the best game streaming apps for Android and iOS due to its multistream features.

game streaming apps for streamers

Prism Live Studio:

Prism Live Studio is a popular mobile app optimized for IRL and gaming streaming. Loved by streamers for its stable streaming quality and attractive features such as decoration and beauty effects, source overlay, and chroma key, Prism Live Studio offers all these features for free. It is one of the best game streaming apps for streamers on Android and iOS

YouTube Gaming:

YouTube now has an inbuilt live stream app for its users. It is a dedicated platform for gamers to create, share, and discover gaming content with features like tips and memberships for generating revenue for gamers. It also provides various tricks for improving gameplay and building an audience, YouTube Gaming makes it easy for gamers of all skill levels to get started with streaming.

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game streaming apps for streamers

Turnip Gaming:

Turnip is a live-streaming app designed specifically for mobile gamers. With features like screen sharing and interactive chat, Turnip makes it easy for gamers to stream their gameplay and connect with other players in real-time. Turnip, also lets you multistream on multiple platforms.

Screen Recorder – AZ Recorder:

AZ Recorder is a versatile live-streaming app that allows users to stream their mobile games to various platforms. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, AZ Recorder is a favorite among gamers looking to share their gameplay with the world. It is one of the best game streaming apps for Android

Hope you enjoyed discovering the top 7 game streaming apps for Android and iPhones, from Twitch and Kick to Streamlabs and Prism Live Studio. Explore their unique features and functionalities for both creators and viewers and find the perfect app to enhance your gaming experience on mobile.

Happy Streaming.

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