Top 10 Farming Simulation Games for Gamers to learn Farming

If you were looking for farming simulation games you have come to the right place. Farming Simulator is a game that everyone has been playing since the beginning of the series. And they loved it. So we looked for more games that are similar to the farming simulator. So for our loyal fans of Noobs2pro. We decided to compile a list of the top 10 farming simulator games to play in 2020. So here is the list of farm sim:

Top 10 Farming Simulator Games for gamers who love farming:

1) Farming Simulator 19

Farming Simulator 19 is the latest version of the farming simulator and by far the best in terms of learning and graphics. The gameplay has really improved over the years making the game a delight for farmers. This game is undoubtedly the king of farming simulator games and rightfully so. If you have already played this game then check the following games. Farming Simulator 20 is also coming so be ready.

Credits: Focus time Interactive

Download Farming Simulator

2) Farm Together

As the name suggests the game is something you can play with friends. You can customize your characters and have fun farming as well as join your friend’s farm for helping them out. A great farming simulation game you can play with friends and have fun.

Credits: Milkstone studio

Download Farm Together

3) Farmers Dynasty

Farmers Dynasty is a proper farming sim where you will split time between running your farm operation, doing construction tasks by hand, and doing favors for fellow villagers and farmers.

It is a great game to improve your farming knowledge and have a farming sim experience like no other.

Credits: Toplitz Productions

Download Farmers Dynasty

4) Verdant skies

Verdant Skies is a unique farming game where you grow space crops rather than regular farm crops. You work with fellow colony members on farming and making new and improved hybrid crops.

Credits: Verdant Skies

Download Verdant Skies

5) Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

The main character arrives as a newcomer to the town. He has to become helpful by running a successful farm and making friends so that he is able to breathe life back into the town community. A light farming simulation game so that you have fun farming and chilling life.

Credits: Natsume_Inc

Download Harvest Moon

6) Stardew valley

If you haven’t played Stardew valley yet you have probably missed an amazing farming sim adventure. Although the graphics are not that great the gameplay is amazing. You get to experience the true essence of farming games. A must-play for farm sim lovers

Credits: Concernedape

Download Stardew Valley

7) Doraemon story of seasons

If you were a fan of Doraemon this game is for you. In this farm sim, you play as Nobita and Doraemon who will plant crops, raise animals, and help out around the town of Natura making friends with villagers and attending local festivals. A true classic game with light-hearted content.

Credits: Bandai Namco Entertainment

Download Doraemon Story Of Seasons

8) Staxel

Staxel is a farming game that reminds you of Minecraft. Its game systems and graphics are shallow and less demanding than other farming-type games with high graphics. Along with farming you can do bug-catching, fishing, and build NPC relationships

Credits: Staxel

Download Staxel

9)My time at Portia

My time at Portia is not exactly a farming sim. But it does have farming and a lot in common with the farming simulator games. You get such a similar experience that we had to add it to the list. It is truly an amazing gaming that has been well received by the gaming community. If you like sim games than this is something you cannot miss.

Credits: Team 17

Download My time at Portia

10) World Dawn

The World dawn is a game made by the wayward prophets. The game is great in its own right. A simple fun and entertaining farm sim for every gamer to enjoy. The game graphics are not that great but the gameplay and gaming experience is truly amazing and worth the play.

Credits: Wayword Prophet

Download World Dawn

I hope you loved our list of top 10 farming simulator games you need to play. Farm sims are not that big a genre but still if you think we missed a great farming simulator game do let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

Make sure to have fun gaming.

See you in-game

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