Top 10 CS:GO USP-S skins under 50$

USP-S is the most loved default CT weapon in CS:GO and rightfully so. Some people prefer P2000 but the majority tend to go for USP-S. The USP-S VS P2000 debate aside, there are many amazing USP-S skins that you can buy to show off to your friends. So to help you choose the best USP-S skins in cs:go here are the Top 10 USP-S skins under 50$.

1) USP-S Neo Noir

The best and most loved skin for USP-S. The only exception is the confirmed kill skin which goes above 100$ but under the 100$ range Neo Noir is the undisputed champion of USP-S skins.

2) USP-S Orion

Orion is one of the cleaner looking skins that show off your USP-S. It looks great and can be easily bought under 50$

3) USP-S Cyrex

If red and black are your thing then this skin suites you perfectly. The skin most gamers love and showoff. Buy it now.

4) USP-S Cortex

Now if you really want to show off or like skins with plenty of colors then this is the skin you need to buy. Pink is not for everyone but for those who like pink this is a great skin.

5) USP-S Torque

This is my personal favorite and probably one of the cheapest good USP-S skins in csgo. It looks amazing in-game and I recommend most people to but. It costs around 1$ on trading sites and 3$ on steam.

6) USP-S Overgrowth

If you the army camo type skins then this is a great skin choice for you. Unlike other camo skins this one actually looks good in-game due to its yellow color.

7) USP-S RoadRash

Now if you want something really unique as your USP-S Skin then this might be it for yoU. I’ll be honest I’m not a fan of this skin but for some people it might be just what they wanted.

8) USP-S Blueprint

If you wanted a blue sci-fy USP-S skin then you can now get it easily. It looks great in-game and the skin is unexpectedly quite cheap.

9) USP-S Business class

Nothing makes you business savy as having a business class USP-S. It looks decent in-game but I honestly would have preferred better color combinations.

best usp skins under 50$

10) USP-S Royal Blue

If you wanted a blue USP that does not put a hole in your wallet then this skin is for you. It looks decent but not something I would buy when there are better options.

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That’s all folks these were the best USP skins you could buy under 50$. There are very few skins that actually go above 25$, to be honest, but you can always get a souvenir or a star trek edition if you have money to spare. If I missed any great USP skins under 50$ then let me know in the comment section below. So these were my top 10 picks for USP-S Skins in CS: GO under 50$. Happy Gaming. See you in-game

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