USP-S vs P2000 | Which is better (Finally Answered with proof)

USP-S vs P2000 has been a long-debated question in the CS:GO community. Many of the pro gamers prefer USP but there are some who still love the P2000. Personally I feel P2000 is still a solid, underrated weapon. So USP-S vs P2000 which is better? The confusion was caused since they similar damage but their own pros and cons. So noobs2pro decided to end it once and for all. We checked up and tested both guns. So here are all the details you need and the final answer is as follows

CS:GO – Which is better P2000 OR USP-S?

P2000 – Suited for Aggressive gameplay style

Pros:  More Ammo Capacity. Higher accuracy. Best for mid and long fighters. Also good for spamming shots since it has a higher capacity.
Cons: It is Loud and thus easy for players to spot you. In smoke, its easy to notice the gun flash, and thus your position. Higher recoil makes it harder to aim unless you have practiced with the gun before.

USP-S – Suited for Sneaky Players who prefer to stay back and fight.

Pros: The silencer makes it very difficult for enemies to spot you from the sound of this gun. It’s perfect you plan on playing sneaky and at long range and in smoke it’s almost impossible to tell where the shot came from. Lower Recoil makes it very easy to aim and you get perfect headshots with almost zero recoil. It is the best for 1-tapping in pistol rounds. Always go for headshots
Cons: Less ammo capacity so you can out of bullets pretty fast. You cannot use this gun for spamming. It is slightly lower accuracy range but if you are crouched and stable you can hit pretty good headshots.

CS:GO USP-S vs P2000 Stats

Damage 3535
Accuracy Range22m24m
Armor Penetration101101

USP-S VS P2000 comparison

The exact damage stats are as follows: (Damage is same for both guns)

USP-S VS P2000 which is better comparison

CS:GO USP-S vs P2000 – which do pros use?

Pro gamers tend to use USP-S more compared to the P2000. USP is better when you are stable and aiming for headshots. P2000 is better for spamming and doing damage. Since pro players have great accuracy they tend to go with USP-S but some pro players do use P2000.

But the far majority 4.74% prefer USP-S. P2000 does not even have its place on the charts.

USP-S VS P2000 which is better

CS:GO USP-S or P2000 – Which should I use?

I’ll be honest here, At the end of the day, it comes down to your play style. If you plan on rushing and spamming shots then P2000 is better. But for other people, USP-S is better. Its the same as asking if M4A4 vs M4A1-S which should I use. The answer to both remains the same. Depends on your playstyle. You have all the stats as well as the pros and cons of each gun. It’s up to you to decide which gun is right for you.

So now you know which pistol is better suited for you. Let me what your thoughts are about P2000 VS USP-S comparison and which gun you like you to use. Happy Gaming. See you in-game

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