Top 10 CS:GO USP-S Skins under 10$

USP-S skins are hard to find since they are so in demand that almost all CS: GO players go wild for them. In spite of the difficulties, we managed to find the top 10 USP-S skins under 10$. I recommend minimal wear for most skins since the difference is minimal and the cost is almost double. But if you have money to spare always go for rarer skins. So without further ado lets begin:

1) USP-S Cortex

Not everyone likes pink but this skin is definitely one of the most loved skins in the cs:go community. It looks great and is one of the coolest skins you can buy in cs:go

2) USP-S Cryrex

If red and black are your thing then this skin suites you perfectly. The skin is not fancy as such instead it goes with a cool minimalistic design.

3) USP-S Torque

My personal favourite skin that I like to use. Its quite cheap and you can get it under 2$ on trading sites and under 5$ on steam market.

4) USP-S Caiman

This skin is not for everyone but for those who love the Caiman style this is ideal for you. It looks good in-game rather than in pics.

5) USP-S Blueprint

USP-S Blueprint is the ideal skin for someone who loves blue and is going for a futuristic look. This skin is comparatively cheap and looks great in-game.

6) USP-S Guardian

This is one of the more sleek and clean skins for the USP-S. I really wish the colors were more brighter making the skin stand out. But that’s not the case. You can’t see it well in dark areas.

7) USP-S Stainless

This is one of the over-hyped skins in cs:go if you ask me. It still looks decent but is not my thing personally.

8) USP-S Royal Blue

If you wanted a blue USP that does not put a hole in your wallet then this skin is for you. It looks decent but not something I would buy when there are better options.

best usp skins under 10$

9) USP-S Check Engine

If you love red and have a low budget for USP-Skins then this is the one you need to buy. Its cheap and looks quite good in-game.

10) USP-S Night Ops

If you want the covert Ops look then this skin is perfect for it. It looks amazing and gives you the truly stealth covert ops feel that you are looking for with a USP-S.

Bonus: USP-S Flashback

Probably the most underated USP-S skin in cs:go. I personally like it a lot even though its not for everyone. Its quite cheap and you easily get for a couple of dollars.

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That’s all folks these were the best USP skins you could buy under 10$. There are very few skins that actually go above 5$, to be honest, but you can always get a souvenir or a star trek edition if you have money to spare. If I missed any great USP skins under 10$ then let me know in the comment section below. So these were my top 10 picks for USP-S Skins in CS: GO under 10$. Happy Gaming. See you in-game

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