Top 10 Bike Racing Games for Switch, XBOX, and PS4

Many Racers who enjoy spending hours on racing games would certainly love to play the latest Bike Racing Games that they can play on PC and consoles. Such Bike racing games are rare and took us quite some time to gather the complete list of games. These games have amazing graphics and simulations that will let you experience the joy of bike riding from the comfort of your home. So without further ado here are the Best Bike Racing games you need to play :

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#10: Road Rage:

Road Rage is actually what the name suggests its a game about road racing and road rage. Although the game has good graphics it has failed quite a bit in terms of gameplay and fighting mechanics. The game was actually quite unique and had a great approach but seemed to fail in the execution part of the equation. Its a mix of road rash and GTA San Andreas in a blender. You have some really great gameplay but in certain places, it just lacks the wow factor of racing games. You can utilize different melee weapons to dispatch your adversaries, so forget a clean racing game. If you wanted a game with road rage you got it.

#09: Road Redemption:

road rash

Road Redemption is the unofficial successor of the original road rash game. If you have played road rash before this game will feel like a remastered game of road rash with a few new quirks and modes. The game was developed by EQ-Games and Pixel Dash Studios for vehicle fight racing. It is honestly the wacky successor to the Road Rash franchise. It’s an “over-the-top” beat other bikers game. The combat is fun and you will enjoy the grind if you loved road rash back in the day. It is truly an amazing game that can let you relive your childhood memories.

#08: MX vs. ATV All out

dirt bike racing game

If you love dirt bike racing then this game is for you, As the name suggests its all about dirt racing with your MX and ATVs out in the dirt roads. Do amazing stunts and win the races. The best part of this is game is the realistic effects and graphics that make you feel as if you are actually in the real world rather than a game. I wish they would make a new 2020 version with VR support and remastered graphics that will let you truly experience MX vs ATV in real life. Here’s to hoping. Make sure to check out this game for all that it has to offer.

#07: MXGP 2019: The Official Motocross Videogame:

mx racing game

MXGP 2019 is the official Motocross game that is based on the real-life MXGP. This game is all about the motocross and rolling through dusty, sludgy terrains again and again while experiencing the thrill of bike racing at its best. The game features realistic course simulation of actual racing courses and make us closer to the real MXGP experience. Get ready to do a range of tricks, hop, and give your bike the realistic care it needs. Note this is not your typical bike racing game but a bike racing simulation game that will give you an opportunity you can never forget. Make sure to try this game out. You need a good system to play this game at max settings.

#06:Ride 3:

dirt bike racing

It’s an incredibly powerful racing game, packaged in an enormous career mode with loads of bikes and tracks, which is genuinely enjoyable to play. You ‘re going to play this one for a long time and the newest part of the game RIDE 4 is also about to launch in October 2020. You can prepurchase it now if you want. However, to be very frank, this game ain’t for anyone who doesn’t have knowledge about motorcycles or riding them. The game is a true racing simulation game that requires you to know how exactly to race bikes. The physics and effects of the game are outstanding. The graphics are also great and in Ride 4 they get even better. Ride 4 is not yet officially tested by us otherwise we would rank it much higher in the list.

#05: Valentino Rossi: The Game:

bike simulation game

Indeed, this game here is based on the career of Valentino Rossi demonstrating how the world bike racing is actually done. You get to experience the races of the 9-time world champion Valentino Rossi and see how MotoGP bike racing is actually done on a professional level. The game isn’t simply amazing on the grounds that it has Valentino Rossi in itself, however, the designers worked superbly of optimizing this game and letting us enjoy it. The controls are extraordinary, responsive, and totally customized to this kind of game. Besides, there is a huge range of bikes that you can modify and do what you need so as to win the race. The graphics are a bit on the low end but the gameplay is what gave this game its rightful rank as the 5th rank bike racing game.

#04:Moto Racer 4:

bike racing games

It is another great contender for the title of the best racing game. If you are looking for a game that is truly close to street bike racing then this game is for you. That being stated, this game isn’t a simple bike racing game but incorporates a number of racing modes and my most favorite multiplayer bike racing mode with up to 10 players.  It has some really sweet graphics, particularly when it comes to effects and physics. Sparks and skid marks that you are sure to love. You race all around the world on all types of race tracks. What more could you want from this amazing racing game?

#03: SBK X: Superbike World Championship:

bike racing games simulation

If you love the world of professional bike racing then this game is for you. It’s an amazing game that lets you truly experience the joy of bike riding on a professional course. It lets you enjoy the fastest racing bikes ever made as long as you are willing to grind. It is a remarkable game, despite the fact that it’s an old game. The graphics are amazing and the sound of motors thundering under the “hood” of your bike never gets old. Interestingly, the game offers an arcade, simulation, and multiplayer modes that you can enjoy. If you love bike racing then this game is for you.

#02:TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge 2

bike racing games simulation

TT Isle of Man Ride of Edge 2 is quite a mouthful to say but the game truly crushes it when it comes to bike racing. It’s honestly one of the best bike racing simulations out there. It has superb graphics that will make you feel like a real-life racer and most importantly let you experience the joy of bike racing simulation right at your home. There are very few games that show such realism and graphics in the game. It might even be rank 1 instead of Rank 2 depending on what you like in bike racing. I too was on the edge whether to give it rank 1 or 2. Its a bit expensive but definitely worth it if you like bike racing.

#01: Moto GP 20:

bike racing games simulation

Milestone has become an undoubted champion and the true maker of bike racing games. The recent version of Moto GP 20 was truly an eye-opening experience to what bike racing simulation games have become over the years. MotoGP 20 is irrefutably an amazing well-balanced racing game that incorporates the essence of MOTO GP racing. At the point when you’re weaving through the track at extremely high speeds, gradually acing the extreme, while enjoying the extremely real-life handling simulations. Moto GP tends to be extraordinarily fun. The only issue I personally thought was the lack of a beginner’s tutorial for those who are are completely new to the game. Every Bike lover must play this game to enjoy the essence of MOTO GP bike racing.


Great Bike Racing Games are hard to find but with the help of Noobs2pro, you can have a lot of fun bike riding and enjoy them from the comfort of your home. You can experience the fastest and most beautiful bikes that have been made since the beginning of time. There truly is something extraordinary about fast-paced bikes that it’s so incredible that we gamers can’t help but buy these games and Bikes as soon as we see them. Happy Bike Riding

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