Top 10 Tips for Playing Horror Games and getting extra scared

If you are no longer scared by horror games then I recommend you to try these Tips while Playing Horror Games. If you managed to use all the 10 tips and at the same time and not get scared than you better meet a real ghost. Personally using all 10 tips at the same time is a scary experience. You have been warned. So without further ado lets begin:

Disclaimer: I am assuming you wanted to be scared more by the games and have truly scary game experience. If not turn back now. These tips are not for the weak-hearted.

Tip 1: Dark Environment.

Making sure you are totally in the dark is the best advice I can give you. Being in the dark scares people whether they admit it or not. Combined with horror scenes. It’s sure to give you a scare you will not forget.

Play in a room with all the curtains & windows closed. It will Definitely increase the horror factor of horror games. Combined with other tips on the list you will get a scare you will never forget.

tips for playing horror games

Tip 2: Play at night

Now, this one is obvious. All horror games were meant to be played in the night. You cannot play them during the day as it will take the fun away. If you really want to be scared play at night alone after 12.

That is sure to make you have nightmares. Horror Games are at their best after 12.

scare high tips for playing horror games

Make sure you try the rest of the tips to get the fear high you crave.

Tip 3: Headphones or High-end speakers

Now horror games are incomplete without headphones or high-end speakers. Even better if they have to surround sound. The ghost scream should be loud enough to make your legs wobble. Games like Outlast 2 are the best when played with headphones. The silence and death stalking can give your the scare high you need.

tips for playing horror games

So play horror games with a good sound system with surround sound.

Tip 4: Raise the volume

Raise the volume when playing horror games. The ghost scream should be loud enough to scare the daylights out of you. The music and the sounds make the mood for horror. So make sure you turn up the volume. And play alone while you are at it.

Tip 5: Play Alone

If you are alone in the house playing a horror game at night with headphones on high volume trust me you will be scared. Being alone is especially scary because you feel that you are not really alone. So be prepared for some goosebumps.

Play alone in the Dark. Then you are sure to be scared.

scare high

Tip 6: Choose the top games

Choosing the best games is a must if you want to enjoy the true thrill of horror games.

Check out the list of top 20 horror games so that you only play the best games. These games will definitely give you the scare you are looking for. Goosebumps are sure to come.

And the list is updated regularly so do keep visiting.

Tip 7: Play on a large screen

If you can play on a large screen or a 4k TV you will surely feel the difference when it comes to horror games. Nothing makes you feel the horror than a 4k ghost the size of your wall.

tips for playing horror games

So if you have a big screen use it. Trust me the horror effects are so worth it.

Tip 8:Play in VR

Now, this is especially for those with high-end gaming systems and supported VR devices. If you can play a Horror Game in VR then you should play it. Horror is best enjoyed in VR. I know it will be quite expensive and not all games support VR. But those who do are truly great.

tips for playing horror games

Tip 9:Be prepared to be scared

You need to be open-minded while playing horror games. If you are mentally deciding not to get scared, you will not get scared. You can always use mind tricks to reduce fear. There are many you can find.

Tip 10: Put some scary things around your house

Trust me nothing makes the experience more immersive than actually having scary things lying around in the house. A little makeover can go a long way in making horror games feel a lot more real.

scare high

Its time to get some skulls and ghost wallpapers.

Bonus: Dry Pants

This is me being sarcastic I know. But its always better to be prepared you to know just in case you get so scared that you get sleepless nights for days.


So I hope you liked the tips for playing horror games and getting scared. These tips will help you get a scarier experience while playing horror games and make sure that you have the scare high you need. When playing these games I recommend caution. These games are not meant for children and the weak-hearted.

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