Best PGT GFX Tool Settings for Pubg Mobile – Ultimate Guide

Many Pubg mobile players wanted to know which are the best settings to play pubg mobile using the PGT Tool. If you don’t already know PGT is a graphics optimization tool for PUBG Mobile that lets you change settings that you normally cannot change. But since it has so many options it is confusing for most players in general. So here is a guide showing you the best settings to play pubg mobile using the advanced PGT and PGT+ tools:

If you haven’t already downloaded the latest version of the PGT tool you can download it from here:


PGT Settings For PUBG Mobile

PGT GFX Tool settings for playing pubg mobile at max fps
  • Game Variant: Select the one you are playing
PGT GFX Tool settings for playing pubg mobile at max fps

Select the game variant you are playing.

  • Global
  • BGMI India
  • China
  • Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Vietnam
  • Lite
  • Global Beta
  • Graphics Quality: Super Smooth or Balanced

Super Smooth is the Lowest quality setting you can select in the PGT GFX tool for Pubg mobile. Unless you have a gaming phone. So Smooth lowers the graphics a lot and is useful for low-end phones. If you have a high-end one stick to balanced settings. Graphics are low but you do not have any disadvantage in gameplay.

PGT GFX Tool settings pubg mobile
  • Resolution:  Full HD or 2k

The resolution has a big impact on graphics. I recommend Full HD for most people. If your game is still lagging on then switch to HD. Do not go below HD as the graphics will be really bad. For tablets go full 2k if you have a good tablet

PGT GFX Tool settings
  • Color Style: Classic Or Colorful

This is a personal preference. There is no impact on FPS as such. Classic is the most used. I prefer Colorful. It’s up to you.

PGT GFX Tool settings pubg mobile
  • Frame Rate: 60fps

Higher FPS smoother gameplay. All mobile devices come with a 60hz or 90hz refresh rate. So it is always recommended that you have a 60 FPS limit or 90 FPS if your device supports it. If you are lagging a lot then select 30 FPS only as a last resort.

PGT GFX Tool settings
  • Shadow: Disabled

No advantage in games. You never really notice shadows while playing pubg mobile. Also, shadows have a lot of impact on FPS. So turn it off.

  • MSAA: Disabled

Disables anti-aliasing making the game faster and smoother. On large screens, you will have jagged edges though.

PGT GFX Tool settings pubg mobile
  • Enhance Sound Quality: High or Ultra

Better the sound better your chances of hearing the footsteps. So get good headphones or earphones and set this setting to high or ultra if possible.

  • Simple Shader: Enabled

This Simple shader can help boost fps in pubg mobile.

  • Large Display Resolution: Enabled or Disabled.

Enable if you have a tablet. Test and see what feels comfortable for you.

  • High Dynamic Range Support: Choose the one your device supports
PGT GFX Tool settings for pubg mobile max fps

With this setting enabled you will be able to spot players easily. Making you more efficient in game.

This is a must-have. Thanks to PGT settings in Pubg mobile you can enable this setting. With these settings, you will have a better GPU performance while playing Pubg Mobile

I hope this guide has been informative for you and I thank you for reading. If you any questions feel free to ask them in the comment section below.

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See you in-game

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