Best Outward Settings for Max Fps

Outward is undoubtedly one of the best CO-OP RPG games ever made. Numerous players play and enjoy the amazing adventure in outward thanks to its amazing gameplay. However, not all of our readers have the best systems to play the game. Many of us have a potato PC or a laptop which really can’t play games that well. So to help fellow gamers here is a best graphics settings guide for outward:

Outward Graphics Settings Guide

how to fix lag in outward: graphics settings guide

Graphics Quality: Custom

This will be custom since we will be adjusting each setting individually.

Render Scale: Max

I recommend the max settings for render scale as you get the best graphics quality as well as clear images. Lowering this results in a bad gameplay experience in my opinion.

Texture Quality: High

Texture quality is best set to high. It makes the game look really good and doesn’t cause much FPS loss as long as you have enough VRAM. if you are lagging in high or want even more FPS then you can lower the texture quality to medium. But my recommendation will be High.

Light Quality: High

The game gets very dark and good light quality is a must. Without it, you will face a lot of trouble playing the game. The lowest I recommend is medium settings.

Shadow Quality: Off or Low

If you are lagging then turn this off. You will get a great FPS boost. The game will look bland though. But if you are lagging then this is the best setting to boost FPS outward.

Terrain Quality: Medium

Medium settings are best for low-end systems. High-end systems can use high settings. This will make the game look good as well as help you spot items of interest outward.

Grass Quantity: Off or Medium

For an in-game advantage, I recommend turning this off. It helps you easily spot all items in-game. The drawback is that the game looks ugly. Honestly, the game will look bland and ugly but you will get very high fps plus easy spotting of objects and items in the game.

outward graphics settings

Grass Distance: Very Low or Low

By lowering the grass distance you can spot enemies as well as hidden objects in the world of outward. Granted the game does not look as fancy as it can. But while actually playing the game this in-game advantage can truly make your day.

Water Quality: low or medium

Water quality is best set to medium settings. If you want an even higher FPS you can set it to low. But I prefer medium since the water looks good enough with medium settings.

Bloom: Off

Unnecessary graphics effect. You can safely turn this off for a minor FPS boost.

Aniso Filtering: On

If you have a large screen then enable this option. It will filter the jagged edges and make the game look cleaner and more polished.

Antialiasing: On

Similar to the above option if you have a large screen then it is a must. So only potato PC should turn this off. Rest everybody keep it on.

SSAO: Medium

High-end systems use medium or high settings. Low-end systems should set it to low. The game looks good at medium settings but the effect is noticed more in cities.

outward graphics settings

SS Shadows: On/Off

If you kept shadows enabled then turn this on. Otherwise, disable this. This makes the shadows softer and the game much better.

Soft Particles: On

Makes the game look good. FPS drop is minor. You can enable this.

Model Quality: High or Very High

High settings are best for model quality. Outward has horrible models as it is compared to games like Witcher and Skyrim. So I recommend High or Very High Model Quality for playing Outward.

Motion Blur: Off

Motion blur is quite intense outward. I recommend you disable it since it will help you play the game better as well as boost FPS.

Atmosphere Fog: Off

Not required. Disable to boost FPS.

Advanced Shader: On

Enable this option. Makes the game look good. This requires some GPU resources but it’s definitely worth it.

That’s all folks. These were the best graphics settings for outward to fix lag and increase FPS. If you liked the post then please do share and support the gaming community. If you were still unable to fix lag issues then check out how to optimize windows 10 for gaming.

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