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Marvel’s Avengers is one of the latest and most trending games online. Many of our readers wanted to know how they could fix the lag and boost their gaming performance in Avengers so that they could play with their favorite heroes. So here is a guide on the best graphics settings for Avengers:

Avengers Display Settings

Marvel Avengers best graphics settings

Fullscreen: Enabled

Fullscreen is the best way to enjoy any game. Marvel Avengers is no exception to that. Unless you are streaming on Youtube I would recommend Fullscreen mode. You can use Fullscreen in streaming as well but sometimes there are issues with ALT+TAB.

HDR: On if supported

Not all displays support HDR but if your display does then make sure to turn it on. It can help improve game clarity and experience.

Resolution: Max

Higher resolution is better for gaming as well as your eyes. You can see better and enjoy richer graphics quality. It does take some more VRAM but it is definitely worth it

Dynamic Resolution Scaling: Off

I don’t recommend using dynamic Resolution scaling as it has not been developed fully. AT least that’s my opinion. The continuous change in resolution tends to lag and input delay in most games.

If you have the latest RTX then sure it may work but for everyone else don’t use it.

Refresh Rate: Max

A higher refresh rate is always better. It puts less strain on your eyes as well as the fact that you get smoother gameplay and visuals.

Go with the maximum refresh rate your monitor supports.

Vsync: Off

Vsync adds input lag in online games unless you have the latest RTX you gonna have this issue. Most pro players disable this so I recommend you do the same.

Antialiasing: SMAA

Antialiasing can help smoothen the textures and edges in the game. If you are playing at lower resolutions do not enable Antialiasing. It will make the textures blurry. As long as you are in 1080 settings you can enjoy the benefits of antialiasing. SMMA is more than enough.

Avengers Graphics Settings

marvel Avengers best graphics settings

Preset: Custom

The preset will be custom since we will be editing each individual setting.

Texture Quality: High

Texture quality depends more on VRAM and as long as you have 4GB VRAM you can use medium and high settings. I recommend High since the game looks a lot better.

It’s one of the key Marvel Avengers graphics settings to improve gameplay.

Texture Filtering: Trilinear

Texture filtering can help make the textures look really good but may take some VRAM and GPU Resources. If you have a good GPU then keep this high otherwise keep it as low as possible. Otherwise, if you are unsure then choose Trilinear texture filtering.

Motion Blur: Disabled

The obvious setting which needs to be disabled for better FPS. Unless you have the latest RTX and wanna show off.

Shadow Quality: Low

This is the most important Avengers graphics setting if you want to fix the lag. Keep shadows at low. It will give you up to 30% performance boost. Thats the best deal if you ask me.

Bloom: Off

Bloom is an unnecessary lighting effect that you get when you enter a lighted area. It’s kind of similar to lens flare.

Best to turn it off for some extra FPS Boost.

Depth of Field: Low

The depth of field makes certain objects look much cleaner and more detailed. Low or medium settings are what I recommend. if you have a decent GPU go with Medium settings otherwise low is also fine.

Level of Detail: High

This is an optional setting but makes the game loop really detailed and clean. I personally recommend you use it if you love great graphics. If you want more FPS then set this setting to low.

Lens Flare: Disabled

Unnecessary lens flare effect which only hampers gameplay. Disable for a better gameplay experience and a minor FPS boost.

Screen Effects: Disable

Screen effects look fancy and make you enjoy the game more. But they result in serious FPS drops so unless you are streaming disable them.

The extra FPS can help improve your game performance and as well experience.

Ambient Occlusion: Off

It does make the game look good but requires a good GPU. If you have a decent GPU then enable this setting otherwise disable it.

Volumetric Lighting: On/off

If you want a minor FPS boost then disable volumetric lighting. Otherwise, you can enable it if you want a better lighting effect. It’s minor in both cases so on and off makes very little difference.

Tessellation: Disabled

Tessellation helps improve graphics quality but at the price of performance. The effect is honestly not worth it if you ask me. I mean compared to the GPU resources it needs the graphics quality improvement is minor.

Disable this setting for added performance and FPS boost in the Avengers Game.

Screen Space Reflections: Off

Reflections and extra effects will only increase GPU load on older GPUs. I recommend you disable this setting for some extra FPS boost in the Marvel Avengers game.

Screen Space Contact Shadows: Disabled

You can safely disable these shadow settings. These shadows don’t really help much and are only a resource hog. You will hardly notice them gone.

Particle Lights: Medium

I recommend keeping Particle Lights at medium settings. There are many areas in the game where medium settings are useful for spotting enemies and a better gameplay experience in general. It doesn’t impact FPS that heavily. If you want more FPS then set this setting at low.

That’s all folks. These were the best graphics settings for the Marvel Avengers Game. If you liked this guide make sure to share and support the site. If you were still not able to fix the lag issues then I recommend reading the guide to optimizing Windows for gaming.

Happy Gaming. See you in-game

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