Lineage 2 Revolution Review – The most underrated RPG for Mobile

Tired of looking for a great Mobile RPG? Well, not anymore. You have finally found the answer. Lineage 2 revolution is probably the most underrated mobile RPG game ever. Chances are you have never heard of the game before. It’s an MMORPG and its free to play. And in spite of being free, it has some amazing graphics and RPG systems. Here is the Lineage 2 Revolution review. You can download the game here if you like:

 Download Lineage 2 Revolution for Android

 Download Lineage 2 Revolution for IOS

Do note the game requires a good device for gaming. I will make a guide on the best settings for Lineage 2. So stay tuned.

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Lineage 2 Revolution review:

If you love RPG games, then you will love this mobile game. This game has taken everything that a PC RPG game has and turned it for mobile devices. Do note that it is a very, very big game. The playtime required to complete the game is massive. So if you don’t like grinding in games, then you may not like this game. But if you love levelling up and upgrading your equipment to become OP, then this game is for you.

lineage 2 revolution review

So what exactly is Lineage 2: Revolution?

Lineage 2 Revolution is an MMORPG for mobile gamers that was inspired by the original PC game Lineage 2. Now I will be honest here, the game is meant for mobile gamers who love monster hunting and levelling and who are okay with grinding for hours. This game is by no means small.  Unless you don’t mind paying to win. The tutorial itself is a couple of hours. So you know you will need to put months to actually complete the game.

The game is quite interesting and unique for a mobile game and has a lot of pros and cons too. So here is what we liked and didn’t like in Lineage 2 Revolution.

So what we liked About Lineage 2 Revolution:

  • Amazing Graphics

The graphics for this game are too good for a mobile game. There are very few games like black desert mobile that compete with this game in terms of graphics. Rather than telling see the screenshots below:

  • Skills and classes

You have a huge variety of skills and races to choose from. Every class has a special inclination such as orcs for fighters and elves for mages etc. But you are always free to make your own variation. Check out the stats below:

  • Monsters and World Bosses

There are plenty of wild beasts that will monster bosses to make sure you never get tired. You can see a huge variety of dungeons as well as world bosses. Although world bosses are harder to find.

  • Awesome Mounts

The most amazing thing I loved about this game was the mounts. The mounts look amazing when upgraded to the max. Although its no easy task. You need to grind a lot.

  • Dungeons and PVP Modes

Now the amount of modes and dungeons is overwhelming, to say the least. There are plenty of dungeons and quests that are unlocked based on your level. So make sure you level up fast.

  • Alchemy

There is an alchemy system as well where you can create elixirs. Although the main issue is that it’s after you level up quite a lot.  And frankly, the level restriction is one of the biggest cons of the game. More on that below:

lineage 2 revolution review

  • Weapon and armour upgrades 

There are many different ways to enhance and upgrade weapons. The skills and ways are a little complicated, but you can easily get all the items by doing missions. Dungeon griding does the same, although it’s quite slow in terms of speed.

lineage 2 revolution review

What we didn’t like about Lineage 2 Revolution:

  • A long grinding

Now the one thing that I hated was the grinding system is too boring. The quests are similar in nature, and after playing to level 100, you will find that the quests are repeated. They just are. They are quite boring, and all the players just put the game for auto questing. This has taken the fun out of the game. I really didn’t like it.

  • Auto Questing for everything

Now auto questing is a useful option. Don’t get me wrong. But the core issue is that they have set everything for auto questing. They have literally put every quest possible on the auto quest. So you can just keep your phone on put the game for auto quest and wait till you level up.

  • Expensive crates

The crates and packs are confusing and expensive. For new players looking to level up its a hard decision to make. The game could have been much more simplified.

lineage 2 revolution review

  • Too many level restrictions

The thing I hated the most was level restrictions on pretty much everything. Some things I understand but the game limits a lot of things that make character and power building difficult. The game is a battle of just upgrading and getting the best gear. No skills required. Sad to see in such an amazing game.

  • Too difficult for a novice

As mentioned previously for a novice, the game is confusing and hopeless to a fault. There are so many things to do that make everything feel like a science class. I know the example might feel weird, but it really is confusing.


That’s all folks I hope you liked the Lineage 2 Revolution review from Noobs2pro. If you have any questions, do tell us in the comment section below. Hopefully, the game will get a better system in the future. The game is still fun to play so don’t miss out, download lineage 2 revolution and try it out. At least I sure am looking forward to it. Do share and subscribe to the notifications to get daily updates.

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