Life is Strange 2 Settings to fix lag and Increase FPS

Life is Strange 2 is the second game of the Life is Strange series and was very well received by the gaming community. The game has amazing graphics but needs an equivalently good CPU and GPU. Well, to help improve the FPS and gaming experience in Life is Strange 2 here are the best graphics to fix lag in Life is Strange 2:

Life is Strange 2 Steam Launch Options

How to set the Steam launch options for Life is Strange

  • Open Steam
  • Go to the Library tab
  • Right-click on Life is Strange 2
  • Select Properties and then the General tab
  • Click “Set Launch Options

The best steam launch settings I found that worked for Life is Strange 2 are as follows:


Life is Strange 2 Graphics settings

life is strange 2 best graphics settings

Screen Resolution: Max

Higher Resolution means cleaner textures and graphics. It can also help reduce eye strain and reduce blurry textures.

The minimum resolution I personally recommend is 1920*1080 for all gamers.

Display Mode: Fullscreen

Fullscreen gives an immersive gameplay experience while playing Life is Strange 2. Windows gives high process priority to apps in fullscreen mode thus you will get a good gameplay experience.

Max Framerate: Unlimited or same as monitor refresh rate

This setting should be the same as your monitor refresh rate minimum. A higher FPS is always better but the bare minimum is the same as your refresh rate.

Graphics Quality: Custom

Since we will be setting each setting manually this option will change to custom.

Vertical Synchronization: No

Vsync should always be off for games with high graphics. Vsync adds input lag which can hamper your gameplay. If you have 6GB VRAM or higher then you can enable vsync.

Anti Aliasing: Low

If you have a large screen then go with medium antialiasing settings. If you have an average screen with 1080p resolution then low is enough for low-end systems. High-end systems can opt for Medium settings

View Distance: Medium

I recommend medium settings since the game will be easier to play. If you have a large screen then select high settings. You will be able to spot distant objects more clearly helping you during your gameplay and quests.

Post-process Quality: Medium

Post-processing helps render textures faster at the cost of VRAM. If you have 6GB or more VRAM go with high settings. Otherwise, go with medium or low settings

Effects Quality: Medium

Effects quality can be low or medium. I prefer medium since the gameplay experience is better. If you want more FPS then go with low.

Texture Quality: High

Keep it at high if possible. The minimum I would recommend is medium settings. If you really want to enjoy this game then texture quality should be high.

Shadow Quality: Low

Make sure the shadow is set to low. Shadows are the second option that takes a lot of GPU and CPU Resources. The first is texture quality which is much more important for better gameplay.

3D Render Quality: 90-100% Depending on screen size

For large and ultrawide screen use 100% quality settings. I personally recommend 100% for all players.

But if your GPU is old then you might want to set it to 80-90 depending on the performance. It lowers graphics quality but can help improve FPS quite a lot.

That’s all gamers. These were the best graphics settings for Life is Strange 2. I recommend reading the optimizing windows for gaming guide. It can drastically help improve gaming performance.

Happy Gaming. See you in-game

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