How to use redeem codes in Pubg Mobile (Free codes Available for July )

Every Pubg Mobile player has heard of the legendary pubg mobile redeem codes that players can use in Pubg mobile to get free stuff. There is nothing more delightful for a pubg mobile player than a free legendary outfit or a free rare gun skin? Afterall skins and outfits require a lot of UC and achievements in order to unlock. Well not anymore, here is how you can use free Pubg mobile Redeem Codes and get in-game items and gun skins and legendary outfits for free.

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How To Redeem these free Codes in PUBG Mobile?

It’s actually quite easy to do and can be done in 3 easy steps. So let’s begin:

Step 1: Open Pubg Mobile account and Copy your character ID. You can see the image below for reference. That is your character ID.

pubg mobile character ID
pubg mobile character ID

Step 2: Go to the PUBG Mobile Redemption CenterIt is the official website to redeem free codes from Pubg. Please do not trust any other site claiming to be official.

official Pubg mobile code redeem website
Official Pubg mobile code redeem website

Step 3: Now copy-paste your PUBG Mobile Character ID, Redeem Code, and enter the verification code you see on the screen. Check the example below:

how to use redeem codes in pubg mobile
how to use redeem codes in pubg mobile

For example, here I am trying the Redeem Code ‘UKUZBZGWF‘.  It will give you the fireworks(an in-game item in pubg mobile). Similarly, you can get more items by trying all the codes.

Click on redeem and confirm the username as shown below:

redeem codes in pubg mobile
confirm redeem codes in pubg mobile


Its that simple. Now go your pubg mobile account and check your email as shown below. You will get free in-game items as shown below:

pubg mobile email in game free redeem code award
redeem code mail

You will see your pubg mobile in-game item redeemed as shown below:

free redeem code award pubg mobile

Here are some free pubg mobile redeem codes for my loyal Noobs2pro fans:

BCCQZBZCVJ– yellow scar-L skin.


BCCQZCZSV7– Black Scar-L skin.






For those who don’t know PUBG Mobile shares a lot of PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes on its official social media channels like Discord, Facebook Page, Instagram handle, and Twitter page. We will keep updating the codes whenever we get them. So make sure you bookmark this page to get pubg mobile redeem codes for free.

Pro tip: Some codes only work in specific regions. I recommend using a VPN and using these codes so that you get more free in-game items in pubg mobile using redeem codes.

Note: Most permanent skin codes are limited uses only. Skins are rare. So make sure you check this page frequently for the latest codes.

I hope this guide helped you redeem your codes in pubg mobile. If you have some more codes that you would like to share then comment them below. We would be happy to add them to the list. Happy gaming.

See you in-game

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