How to start DOTA 2 in Safe Mode – Fix DOTA Game Crashes & Issues

Many gamers had launch issues with DOTA 2 where they either corrupted the game or were not able to start the game properly because of incorrect settings. If you are encountering any such issues with DOTA 2 then you can easily fix it using the following methods. You can fix most errors and crashes in the game by using safe mode. It will set the game to use minimal settings and recommended settings that will fix a lot of the major issues. Here is how you can enable safe mode in Dota 2

Using Safe mode in DOTA 2

•Launch the Steam app

•Right-click Dota 2 game

•Choose Properties

dota 2 performance settings fps dota 2 safe mode

•Click Set launch options as shown in the image

dota 2 performance settings fps steam launch options for dota

• Enter –safe as shown in the image below:

dota 2 safe mode

You can use -Safe or -safe_mode in the steam launch option to launch DOTA 2 in safe mode and troubleshoot what happened that caused the crash or bug.

If you were not able to find the problem then use the autoconfigure option that will test your system and set the game at recommended settings. This helped me fix a lot of my issues in DOTA 2 so I recommend using this over safe mode. Safe mode is the last option you can use.

This will set the game in minimal default settings to run the game. The game is faster but has lower-quality settings in this mode. You can use this to safely start the game and troubleshoot DOTA 2. It helps restore most settings to their default values.

It restores the rendering API used (DirectX 9, OpenGL, Vulkan, etc) to the default choice that Dota 2 recommends. It will also ignore the settings inside any .cfg files that you may have been using until this parameter is removed from the steam launch option.

Using the -autoconfig steam launch option in Dota 2 

  • Open Steam App
  • Go to the Game  “Library”
dota 2 performance settings fps dota 2 safe mode
  • Right-click on Dota 2 game and Select “Properties” from the menu
  • Click the “Set launch options” button as shown in the image below
dota 2 performance settings fps steam launch options for dota
  • Remove any previous launch options if you have used any.
  • Type -autoconfig in the box and select OK as shown in the image below:
  • Launch DOTA 2 and check if the issue is fixed by the autoconfig option.

This will automatically test and configure your game for the recommended Dota 2 settings. This can help solve most Dota 2 crashes and issues that might be stopping the game from launching properly. These were the two methods that worked the best. If you still were not able to fix your issue I recommend contacting Dota 2 customer support team in order to help fix the issues.

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Happy gaming. See you in-game

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