How to get Rogue Company Game Key for free (100% Twitch Drop)

Rogue Company has been going wild with the massive number of players trying to join the beta versions via Twitch drops. Unfortunately, many people do not know the twitch drop system works even though they want to get a free rogue company game key. So to help my fellow gamers get a free copy of Rogue Company game here is an easy twitch drop trick that always drops a rogue company game key:

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Step 1: Make a Twitch account or sign in to your twitch account if you already have one. Click the link below:

Step 2: Next connect your Twitch account with Epic Games and High Rez Studios. Just click the link below to connect them:

Step 3: You basically need to sign in your twitch account and epic account with Hi Rez Studio as shown below:

rogue company game key twitch drop

You need to connect both accounts. If you are using PS,XBOX, Nintendo then connect those accounts as well.

Step 4: Now watch any Rogue company game stream with drops enabled on Twitch. The rest depends on your luck when it will drop for you. If you want it faster then try the next trick

Step 5: If you want to get a free copy of rogue company as fast as possible then do the following for twitch drop farming:

  • Set the stream quality in twitch to 160p.
  • Don’t mute the stream sound, instead, you can mute the page sound from the chrome or Mozilla tab.
  • Right-click on the page and click on mute the site in chrome. Check the image below:
  • Do not mute the twitch stream. If you mute the stream then you will not get the drops. Instead, mute the site as shown above
  • Keep your system with the twitch stream on overnight and viola next day you will have your beta key.

Thats how easy it is. I already tried it with two accounts. Both accounts got the drop and game.

You get a mail as shown below:

rogue company game key twitch drop

Now you need to go to the following link and redeem the code:

Epic Store Game Coupon Redeem

rogue company game key twitch drop

Once you redeem the code the game will be available in your Epic Games Library as shown below:

rogue company game key twitch drop

Just download and play the game.

rogue company game key

Thats all folks. You can now download and play rogue company game for free. If you know any more methods then let me know in the comment section below. Happy Gaming. See you in-game.

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