How to check CS:GO skin Float Value using Mobile

Many CSGO fans and noobs2pro readers wanted to know how they could check the float value for skins from their smartphone. Knowing the float value of cs go skins can help you a lot with trading skins as well as upgrading to higher quality skins with a trade-up contract. With so many cs go skin trading sites knowing the float value helps. So to help them out here is a special CS:GO float value checking guide via mobile devices:

How to check Float Value in CS:GO using Android or IOS

Step 1: Open your mobile device and go to steam via a browser. Go to the market section and browse skins that you are interested in.

Step 2: Click on the skin you want and open the skin page as shown below:

check CS:GO skin Float Value using Mobile/smartphone

Step 3: Click and hold the inspect in game link as shown in the image below. You will get the following option to copy the link:

check CS:GO skin Float Value using Mobile

Step 4: Now copy the URL and paste it as shown below on the following page of

check CS:GO skin Float Value using android device

Step 5: Copy-paste the link you had copied previously. Click on the get screen option and you will get all the details about the weapon skin as shown below:

CS:GO skin Float Value

With bro skins you can get the following info and much more:

– Gives float info
– Gives Sticker wear info
– Provides the current price of the stickers
– Can get a direct link for screen Of skins (CS.Money,,, csm 3D inspect)

Just copy the inspect URL as shown above and paste it in the Search box. You will find what you were looking for.

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By using the above method, you can check the float value of the different CS: GO skins right from your mobile device. The same goes for items in your inventory. You can get the most value for your money by trading according to float on trading sites.

I hope this guide was informative for you and I thank you for reading.

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