How To Find Gamer Girls in 2021 – The Practical Guide

Many Gamers believe that finding a girl is like finding a unicorn. Well guess what it maybe a bit hard to find them but its definitely not impossible. So do you want to find the dream girl who loves gaming just like you…??? A.K.A the Gamer girlfriend. You need to look at the right places and do the right things in order to get a gamer girlfriend. So here is a helpful guide to finding gamer girls in 2021:

1) Dating sites for gamers

This one is an obvious choice but also the most forgotten one as well; there are numerous dating websites dedicated to gamers. It’s the best place to look for since you would have mutually common interests in gaming and dating fellow gamers. Do be sure to make an awesome profile and be an alpha dude when you are making your move on your gamer girl. Also, don’t forget to get a cool IGN(in-game name) for a great first impression. Online dating is 90% photos and 20% Bio. So make sure the photos are great.

In the online world first impressions matter. Make sure that you show off your best elements along with your gaming talents if you want a relationship with her. Otherwise, you will end in the friend zone. On other dating sites like Tinder you can use hashtags like gamers, gaming to prioritize mutual interests.

Play the most popular games which have a lot of female gamers. Pubg, CS, Valheim,Valorant for example, has a lot of female players in Asian countries. Fortnite has a lot of gamer girls in western countries. You can find plenty of open-minded girls to play with. Though not all girls will talk and respond. Sometimes that’s just how they are don’t get hung up on it. MMORPG is also famous for having plenty of gamer girls. Do check out some popular titles like ESO. They have many female players as well.

3) Gamer stores near you

You will find plenty of chances to find a gamer girl when you see her browsing for games in a nearby store. Who knows you might be fellow gamers playing the same games. If you cannot find the gamer girl then as a last resort, impress the counter girl. At the very least you will get fantastic service and discounts on games.

But stores tend to be a good location to meet girls with similar interests. Being a gamer you know how important charm is in-game. Well its the same in real life. So make sure to take your attraction and manliness to the next level.

4) Gamer Conventions

Gamer convections are a great place to find gamer girls. There are plenty of gamer conventions around the world. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to get to know girls who are into gaming. Use google and your gamer network to find the nearest gaming conventions and attend them. Dress well show off your style. Be a cool gamer, not a typical nerd shut-in gamer. No offense but girls aren’t attracted to nerds. Better go for a cool gamer approach.

5) Gaming clubs in schools and colleges

impress gamer girlfriend

There are plenty of schools and colleges having gaming clubs dedicated to gamers. You can definitely find gamer girls in these clubs. They are a great opportunity for you to show off your skills in games as well. You now have a great chance to know some gamer girls and through them, you can get to know more gamer girls. Use them to socialize and find other gamer girls. Girls tend to have game groups on plenty of occasions. Who knows if you are lucky you might get invited to a girl’s Lan gaming party.

6) Gaming Forums

You can find plenty of gamer girls on game forums. Girls who are new to gaming tend to visit gaming forums and might ask noob questions. Talk to girls build some reputation and ask them if they would like to play with you. Be respectful and who knows if you play your cards right, you might get a cute gamer girl in your friend list. If you are a famous streamer or have a good number of followers then Stream your gameplay on youtube and Twitch and tell her to join you. Girls naturally respect status regardless of the field.

Being respected and admired by others helps social proof which is a key factor for impressing girls.

7) Tech clubs

Many Girls in tech clubs tend to like gaming, and your chances of finding hidden gamer girls are quite high. In case your college or school doesn`t have a gaming club, then Tech Clubs are the next best destination. It’s not the ideal place but again getting to know girls who might be into gaming is a worthy challenge for a reason. Do note that girls can literally smell desperation from miles away. You will get badly rejected if you are desperate.

That’s all folks. These were the top 7 places to find gamer girls. If you know more ways to find gamer girls then let me know in the comment section below. We would love to add it to the list to help fellow gamers around the world. I hope you were able to find a gamer girlfriend with this guide. Happy Dating.

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