H1Z1 Battleroyale Best Settings To fix lag & Increase FPS

H1Z1 Battleroyale is one of the best zombie games ever made. With millions of players on the server it is shaping up to be the dream zombie battleground. Many of our readers were playing the game on a low end system. So to help them out we decided to make a special guide to fix lag in H1Z1. Here are the best graphics settings to fix lag and boost FPS in H1Z1:

H1Z1 Battleroyale Graphics Settings

h1z1 graphics settings to fix lag

Display Mode: Fullscreen

It’s a Battle royale. You have to play in Fullscreen mode. Windows also gives high priority to fullscreen applications so you will get a better gaming experience.

Overall Quality: Custom

Since we will be setting each option individually this setting will be set to custom.

Resolution: Max

Higher resolution is a must for playing games. So at least play in 1080p minimum. If you play in lower resolutions you will strain your eyes and cause some serious damage in the long term. So play with a good-quality screen guys.

Field of View: personal Preference.

Play as per your personal preference. Higher FOV is better for graphics and gameplay. I personally recommend max fov for every game I play.

Render Quality: 100%

Keep it at 100%. Higher will improve graphics quality but at the cost of FPS. If you go below 100% you will get blurry textures. So 100% is the best performance for graphics balance.

Render Distance: 1500

Higher is better but you need the same amount of VRAM

Less than 4GB VRAM = 1500

6GB VRAM= 4000


Vsync: off

Vsync is one of the key reasons for the lag in H1Z1 battle royale. Many gamers on Reddit complained about the same and have gotten considerable FPS boosts by disabling vsync on low-end systems.

h1z1 graphics settings to fix lag

Model Quality: High

Keep the model quality high so that you can spot players and enjoy the game weapons and armor in high quality. If you are lagging at high then switch to medium. But I personally recommend High.

Flora Quality: Low

Keep this at low unless you only want to enjoy the greenery. The games look amazing with high-quality trees and flora but it lags. With low vegetation, you will be able to spot enemies as well as other objects better so it gives a slight gameplay advantage.

Texture Quality: High

Textures are one of the most important settings in H1Z1 Battleroyale. I recommend high settings since the game looks really good and you can spot enemies well. If you have less than 4GB VRAM go with medium settings instead.

Tree Quality: Low

Tree quality is better kept at low so that you can spot enemies and zombies better. It does make the game look a bit bland but the FPS increase is worth the compromise.

Lighting Quality: Medium or High

Keeping Lighting Quality at medium and high settings helps spot objects in dark areas since it’s quite hard to spot objects. Slightly increase brightness with high lighting effects to have an in-game advantage.

Interior Lighting: Off

If you want the best FPS then you can turn it off. But it does get slightly harder to spot objects in the game, especially in dark areas.

Ambient Occlusion: Off

Ambient Occlusion is an unnecessary feature in games according to my opinion. So turn it off and increase your FPS.

Shadow Quality: Off/ Low

Shadows are the number 1 reason for lag in most games. The same is the case with H1Z1. Keep shadows at low and you will get around 10-20% FPS boost easily. If you disable shadows completely then you will get a much higher FPS boost.

H1Z1 Battleroyale UserOptions.ini Settings to fix lag

If you are too lazy to set each setting manually or if you have a very low-end system then you can just copy and paste the following code into your user.ini file in the game installation folder.

It will be in the steam path as shown below:


Edit UserOptions.ini file and copy paste the following:



That’s all folks. These were the best graphics settings for H1Z1 Battleroyale to fix lag and increase FPS. If you liked the post then please do share and support the gaming community. If you were still unable to fix lag issues then check out how to optimize Windows 10 for gaming.

Happy Gaming

See you in-game

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