Best Settings For Mordhau (Online Game)

Mordhau is one of the most played battle royales when it comes to medieval-type games. With its new approach to battle royale, it quickly became quite popular among live stream gamers. However many people do not have the required setups and gaming rigs to run the game at max settings. So here’s the best FPS settings and performance guide for Mordhau.

The in-game settings of Mordhau and GameUserSettings.ini config files can be edited and optimized to improve your FPS and gameplay without decreasing the game quality. After all, graphics matter for gamers!

I generally do not recommend downloading settings from third-party sites and using config files from the internet since there is always a risk of a ban by the developers. So I am going with the safer approach, as usual.

These settings will help you, especially if you are getting a low FPS and laggy gameplay for Mordhau.

So, Let’s Get The Best FPS For Mordhau.

In-Game Settings For Mordhau

Launch Mordhau, then click the Settings icon on the top right corner and open the GAME tab as shown in the image below. I will guide you on how to set up each game and graphics option for maximum performance as well as other settings that can help you get the extra FPS you need in Mordhau.

Game Settings

Mordhau Fps settings
Mordhau settings

Resolution: Use Your Native Max Resolution.

Using your max resolution is always recommended since lower resolutions can compromise your spotting as well as your eye health. Unless you badly need an FPS boost, do not change the resolution. If you really need a performance boost, decreasing the resolution to 720p will significantly improve your FPS.

Resolution Scale: 1.00 or 0.90.

I recommend not changing this setting unless you cannot even reach 30 fps in the game. Decreasing the value below 1.00 will give a performance boost at the cost of blurred textures. This will significantly impact game display quality, so I have to warn you about that.

The visual effect at 0.90 is the last compromise. Any less degrades the quality of the game beyond the playable quality.

Window Mode: Full Screen.

Full Screen is the best choice performance-wise. Windows gives higher performance to fullscreen applications.

Frame Rate Limit: Your Monitor Refresh Rate.

This is the FPS cap for the game. Keep it at the same value as your monitor refresh rate (60, 120, or 144Hz). Or, you can leave it uncapped. A higher FPS is always better. So, if your system can take it, then sure, why not?

Vertical Sync: disable.

This should always be off regardless of which online game you’re playing. It is okay for offline games, but multiplayer games are at a disadvantage when it comes to vertical sync due to input lag. Every second counts in PVP so disable this setting.

Field of View: Default

This is a very personal choice since a wider field of view (FOV) increases your view range and vision, but at the same time, all the targets are now smaller and cause problems. If you have a large display then keep it as high as possible otherwise the default is okay.

I personally prefer max POV since it lets be see more and spot players easily. I recommend trying max POV

Gamma: leave it at 1.00. (default)

Gore: Change it to no blood and no dismemberment

This makes the game look good but is unnecessary for the actual gameplay. Instead, turn these two off to get the maximum possible fps in the game. This is perfect for those players getting low FPS in Mordhau

Graphics settings for Mordhau

Mordhau Fps settings game performance
Mordhau settings

Anti Aliasing: off.

This should be off since you are aiming for high fps and smoother gameplay. Suppose you are getting jagged edges. Then enable antialiasing. This is only useful for larger screens.

Texture Quality: High.

The texture quality has almost no significant impact on the FPS as it mostly only drains VRAM memory. If your graphics card has at least 3-4GB of VRAM, then put the game in High settings. If you have more than 4GB, then Ultra is the best for you as the game will look a lot better and you will have a lot more fun playing.

Effects Quality: Low

It is not essential for PVP and can cause a lot of FPS drops if you have a low-end PC. If you have a PC with a decent graphics card then use medium settings.

Shadow Quality: Low.

Shadows have a significant impact on the performance of any game and serve no purpose since we hardly look at shadows. Especially in an online game, we are always looking for the enemy and not the shadows. Unfortunately, you can’t disable them entirely via the in-game settings. Shadows at low look bad but will significantly increase FPS. However, you can turn it off entirely via the GameUserSettings file which I have shown below.

Indirect Shadows: disable it.

No real use for PVP gaming so might as well disable it.

View Distance: Ultra.

You want to see as far as possible during matches in order to spot enemies and other supplies. High or Ultra is recommended to make it easier for spotting.

If you are lagging at high or ultra settings you can lower the setting but do note you have a slight disadvantage if you lower it.

Post Process Quality: Low.

This sometimes causes the game to lag when there are multiple players in close proximity. Set it to low for the best fps. It does not impact the game quality that much.

Foliage Density: Low.

This one is a given. It will provide a massive boost to FPS and will also help you spot players easily. Now the game looks a bit bare but if you are into PVP that’s the price. Always turn it to low.

Character Quality: Low.

Set it to low or medium. It does affect the quality a lot. So do check what you can manage. If your FPS is still not higher than 60, then it’s best to set it to low.

Character Cloth: No Cloth.

This setting can have a significant impact on your fps as it’s similar to PUBG character render. Enabling this option causes a huge fps drop on most systems. So make sure to disable this setting.

Ragdoll Quality: Low.

This setting deals with the quality of dead enemy players. Lower it to get more fps.

Screen Space Reflections: Off.

Turn it off for more FPS. It makes the armor look better. But if you don’t have a high-end PC. No point in using this setting.

Bloom: 0.

It causes a flash effect that only hampers gameplay and serves no other purpose. It should be turned off when playing any competitive pvp game.

Motion Blur: 0.

Unnecessary distractions in the game. Turn it off. Motion blur should be off in any competitive pvp game.

Ambient Occlusion: Off.

Turn it off. The graphics effect is so minor that you won`t even notice.

Lens Flares: Off.

Extra lights that are not really important for PVP. Turn it off for a minor fps boost.

These are all the settings you need to change. Apply the changes.

It is necessary to set up your in-game settings before editing the GameUserSettings file.

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Editing GameUserSettings.ini file

Note: This is risky, and developers of the game may or may not ban you in the future. There is no official rule or statement for this at the time of writing from the devs. I tried them and did not have any issues. But you never know. So be warned in advance.

run command

To find your GameUserSettings file open run or press Win+R and then type the following command:


I will be using regular old Notepad to edit the files.

game settings performance
Mordhau config files
  • Out of the above, you have to edit the GameuserSettings.ini file
mordhau fps game settings performance
Mordhau config files


This setting influences the quality of the shadows; 3 is the highest value. Put it to 0 to will disable shadows completely. This is the best graphic setting for mordhau for performance especially on low-end systems.



These two settings are essential because they influence the maximum number of ragdolls and the duration of these ragdolls in the game.

Note: Lower is better.

Increasing them will negatively influence your fps because they will raise the load on the CPU, so be very careful.

Set MaxRagdolls at 5 and RagdollStayTime at 5 seconds if you want the best FPS.

When you set MaxRagdolls at 900 and RagdollStayTime at 240 seconds, you get some great scenes and a lot of lag.

Mordhau Guide Max FPS
Mordhau max corpses

This is just for fun do not do it since your game will really lag.

Now save the file.

Frankly speaking, I don’t recommend editing the GameUserSettings.ini file unless it’s the last option. Try it only as the last option.

What If Mordhau Is Still Lagging?

Then the problem is with your system and the settings you have used for it. To have lag-free performance while playing Mordhau, try the following:

  • Disable apps
  • Turn off battery saver mode
  • Switch to High-performance settings
  • Uninstall apps and services
  • Edit virtual memory
  • Update drivers
  • Tweak system settings, etc.

For a complete guide read: How to make your system faster for Gaming

If your game is lagging when you are playing online then you probably have some network issues that need to be fixed.

By the way, I made a dedicated guide to boost the Internet for gaming, and I recommend you read it.

I hope you liked this guide and were able to get the performance you need in Mordhau. If you find more ways to boost FPS in Mordhau and fix the lagging while playing online, then do mention it in the comment section below. Do share it with your fellow gamers.

Happy Gaming!

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