Top 10 Sites to Buy Steam Games for Cheap

Not everyone is loaded when it comes to buying games. And many developers are actually quite a money-hungry going as far as pricing their games at 100$. Gaming should never be this expensive in the first place. So to help by gamer friends here are the top 10 sites to buy Steam games for cheap. Now you might need to compare the prices on all these sites since pretty much every one of these sites gives sweet deals for steam games. So make sure to bookmark this page for the best cheap games sites.

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1) Greenman gaming

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One of the oldest gaming sites that have quite the reputation. It always has some or the other gaming deal waiting for you where you can get steam games for cheap. It also has some exclusive games so make sure to check it out.

2) Humble Bundle

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If you plan on buying a games bundle than this should be your first stop. Humble Bundle has the best collection of game bundles that are very cheap as well. I mean it always beats buying individual games on steam. At best you will get the same offer as that on steam so you can never go wrong with Humble Bundle

3) Indiegala

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This is a site that I recently found which is famous for giveaways and very cheap prices on steam games. Don’t let the name confuse you. It has all types of games not just indie games. In fact you get a lot of indie games for free on indiegala. So if you were looking for the best site for cheap steam games this is probably it.

4) Gamestop

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When it comes to gaming how can we forget about GameStop? It has amazing gaming deals for a lot of the best games ever made. It’s not restricted to steam games and the best part is you can always buy and sell games on GameStop. So if you haven’t used Gamestop before that you probably missed out on some of the best gaming offers ever. So what are you waiting for checkout GameStop below:


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One of the few gamer trading sites that are actually worth it. You can get a lot of services starting from steam accounts to account boosting on this site. There are many players who sell game keys for cheap and thus make it a great deal for players like us who are looking for cheap steam games to buy.


If you were especially looking for CD keys then this is the site for you. It has great offers and you will always get prices lesser than steam. It’s even better if you were buying Xbox game passes since you get an even cheaper deal. You can get Xbox gold pass under 2$ from bcdkey last I checked. So what are you waiting for buy cheap steam games buddies.

7) Fanatical

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Fanatical is another great website for buying cheap steam games. Especially their latest deals section is always full of offers. You can get upto 99% discount on some steam games which makes it one of our top 10 favourite sites to buy steam game keys.

8) Kinguin

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Kinguin in spite of being quite an old site is not really known in the gamer community. Funny enough its actually one of the best sites for getting cheap steam keys. Not only steam but you can get keys for pretty much everything. Be it xbox or PS all game keys are available on Kinguin. Not all have offers though so compare prices and buy your favorite games dirt cheap.


If you love MMORPG games like DOTA and Elder scrolls this is the best site for offers on MMORPG. You get offers for other games as well but the most dominant category is by far MMORPG. You can also by gift cards for XBOX and PS making it perfect for most gamers.

10) G2deal

buy steam games for cheap

G2deal use to be one of the best sites for buying games back in the day. It still has some great games and occasional discounts on various games from steam. You can even buy steam gift cards for a great price. It cannot be compared to sites like Greenman gaming and fanatical but its still a great site for gaming deals. The deals are occasional but great nonetheless.

Bonus: Gamersgate

One of the oldest sites for buying steam games for cheap. It has pretty good discounts though I recommend you always compare it with other sites on the list. There are many sites which give a good discount on a particular game and bad discounts on others. After Greenman gaming and Indiegala, this is a good option.

That’s all folks. These were the top 10 Sites to buy steam games for cheap. If you know any more sites then let me know in the comment section below. We would be happy to improve the list and add more sites to buy cheap steam games.

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