Best Settings for GFX Tool BGMI – The Ultimate Max FPS Guide

BGMI, the battle royale sensation, has taken the gaming world by storm. As avid players strive for victory, maximizing FPS while spotting enemies is key to winning games. Enter the GFX Tool for BGMI, a powerful app for optimizing graphics and FPS in BGMI. However, navigating its myriad options can be daunting. Fear not! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the best settings to elevate your BGMI gameplay to new heights.

Understanding the GFX Tool: Before delving into the settings, let’s understand what the GFX Tool is. It is an app designed to enhance graphics and performance in BGMI, by changing settings that you normally cannot change in BGMI. This tool is a game-changer for players seeking an edge. By tweaking various settings, you can achieve smoother gameplay and improved visuals, ensuring a competitive advantage while playing BGMI

Begin by downloading the latest version of the GFX Tool tailored for BGMI.

You can download the latest versions from here:


Upon installation, ensure you choose the appropriate version corresponding to your gaming region. Whether you’re playing in India, China, Korea, or elsewhere, selecting the correct version is crucial for optimal performance.

Settings for GFX Tool Pubg Mobile

Resolution: HD or FULL HD

Resolution plays a pivotal role in defining graphics quality. For most players, a resolution of 1920 (Full HD) strikes the perfect balance between visual fidelity and performance. Should you encounter lag, consider adjusting to 1280 (HD) while avoiding lower resolutions to maintain playability.

Graphics Quality: Smooth or Medium

The GFX Tool offers multiple primary graphics options here to choose from. Smooth and Balanced are what we recommend for low-end and medium-end devices respectively. Opt for Smooth on lower-end devices to mitigate lag and boost FPS. Alternatively, Balanced provides a suitable compromise for most devices, delivering a good gameplay experience.

Frame Rate (FPS): 60 or 90

Higher FPS translates to smoother gameplay and improved responsiveness. Aim for a frame rate of 60 or 90 FPS, depending on your device’s capabilities. While 60 FPS is standard for most devices, those with higher refresh rates can benefit from the added fluidity of 90 FPS.

Antialiasing: Disable

Disable antialiasing unless you’re utilizing a high-end device with ample processing power. For the majority of players, antialiasing is unnecessary and may impact performance negatively.

Color Style: Classic or Colorful

Choose between Classic and Colorful color styles based on personal preference. While Classic offers a traditional gaming experience, Colorful enhances visibility, aiding in enemy detection.

Rendering Quality: Low

Set it at low. Unless you have a gaming phone like ASUS ROG or something equivalent. Stick to low settings. It lowers quality but makes it easier to spot players

Shadows: Disable

No advantage in games. You never really notice shadows while playing pubg mobile. Also, shadows have a lot of impact on FPS. So turn it off.

Shadow Distance: Low

When shadows are off this setting makes no difference. I recommend you turn off shadows. If you want shadows then at least turn this setting to low. It will help you get the FPS boost you need to play pubg mobile.

Moving Shadows: Disable

Anything setting related to shadows can be safely disabled. Shadows cause lag. You can disable these settings which I feel is the greatest advantage of GFX settings for pubg mobile

Settings for GFX Tool Pubg Mobile

Texture Quality: Medium or High

Texture quality should be kept Medium or high so that you can spot players easily. Low makes the game look really bad. So use it as a last option. I don’t recommend it personally.

Effects Quality: Low

The effects are best set to low. You can get the best performance increase at a very low cost. Set this to low. For snipers, you need this set this setting to high.

Improvement for Effects: Low

Similar to the above setting. Set it to low helps you see through smoke edges at times. 100% worth for gamers.

Objects LOD Distance: Low

This setting deals with the level of detail (LOD). Higher settings require more resources and lower settings require less. For snipers, you need this set to be high cause you might not see the buildings and crates on the map at long range.

Foliage LOD Distance: Low

Same as above just instead of objects it deals with foliage settings in the gfx tool. The less foliage the better so you can find the prone players in pubg mobile easily.

Color Format: 32bit or 64bit

Set this to 32bit if you want an FPS boost. Set it to 64bit if you want better quality. Better quality does mean you can spot enemies easier so 64bit is preferred.

Detail Mode: Low

Set it to low if you are a close-range and a mid-range fighter. You will be able to spot players better. Mostly removes useless details.

Light Effects: Disable

You do not need light effects. They cause FPS issues. You will also have difficulty spotting players. So set it to none in the GFX Tool

Graphics API: Vulcan or OpenGL

Vulcan API is recommended for devices with Android version 8 and higher. You can test with OpenGL if you get better performance.

GPU Optimization: Enable

This is a must-have. Thanks to the GFX tool in BGMI, you can enable this setting. With this, you will have a better GPU performance while playing bgmi.

Sound Quality: High or Ultra

Don’t overlook the importance of sound quality in BGMI. Set it to High or Ultra for immersive audio that enhances situational awareness, particularly when detecting enemy footsteps.


Armed with the knowledge from this gaming guide, you’re ready to unlock the full potential of BGMI graphics settings using the GFX Tool. By optimizing settings for performance and visual quality, you’ll gain a competitive advantage on the battlefield. Embrace these new bgmi settings, hone your skills, and dominate the battlegrounds in BGMI.

Happy gaming, and see you in-game!

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