Best Graphics Settings for Spellbreak to Fix Lag

Spellbreak is finally out for everyone and people have started to enjoy the one of kind mage battleroyale. Unfortunately not everyone has a great hardware for playing Spellbreak at ultra settings, so for my fellow readers here are the best graphics settings you need to use to fix lag and boost FPS in Spellbreak:

Spellbreak Graphics Settings:

spellbreak graphics settings to fix lag and boost fps

Display Mode: Fullscreen

For a Battleroyale game such as spellbreak playing the game at fullscreen is a must. Games run better in fullscreen mode on windows because windows has been designed to give priority to applications running in fullscreen.

So I recommend playing the game at fullscreen. It will also help you spot enemies and chests faster.

Display Resolution: Max

Higher resolution is always recommended for gaming. Especially when you have a large screen. Higher resolutions give cleaner textures and also ensure that you do stress your eyesight. In low resolutions the textures are blurry and can cause high strain.

Limit FPS: Unlimited

Its a battleroyale game. You need at least the same FPS as your monitor refresh rate. So if you have a 144hz monitor your FPS must be 144. So make sure you adjust the settings accordingly.

Graphics quality: Custom

The graphics quality will be custom since we will be editing each setting manually.

3D Resolution: 80-90

I recommend the default setting for most players. Higher is always better for graphics but bad for FPS.

Keep a value between 80-90 if you want the best FPS. If you want the best graphics then go with 100%.

Geometry Detail: High

I recommend high quality since you will be able to spot enemies better. Its just easier when you are running around on the map.

The graphics quality is also good with high settings. So I recommend using it. If you absolutely have to then set the settings to medium for better FPS.

Shadows: Low

Keep shadows at low if you want the best FPS. Shadows need a good GPU and are not that necessary as compared to other settings in the game. You can instead increase texture details for a better gaming performance.

Anti-aliasing: Medium

Anti-aliasing can make the game look really good but requires a good GPU. If you have more than 4GB VRAM then go with high settings otherwise medium is more than enough.

Texture detail: High or Very High

I personally recommend very high textures for those with a GPU of more than 4GB. This game is not as graphics intensive and thus can run pretty smoothly even at very high texture quality. For everyone else High settings is also a good option if you want more FPS.

Material and Effects: Medium

Medium settings are best for the material and effects. Very high settings make the effects look good but sometimes you won’t be able to see the players hidden behind spells. Its a pain if the effects are too high so I recommend medium or high settings. If you are streaming and have a great GPU then Very high is suited for you since people love to see mage skills and spells.

Post processing: Medium or High

Post processing can help speed up rendering as long as you have a GPU with enough VRAM. For those with 4GB graphics card choose medium or High settings. For those with 6GB VRAM choose very high settings.

Everyone else who is playing with a 2gb card you need to choose medium settings in spellbreak

Vsync: Off

Since its an online game Vsync is a no-go. Unless you have a RTX card turn this off. Vsync adds input lag and can result is missed and inaccurate shots at times. I recommend turning it off for all battleroyale games.

That’s all my fellow mages. These are the best Spellbreak graphics settings you can use to fix lag and boost FPS in game. Make sure that you also make your wifi faster for gaming so that you do have network lag.

If you still want more fps then read my guide on how to optimize windows for gaming.

Happy gaming. See you in-game

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