Hyper scape Best settings for Max FPS

Hyper Scape is Ubisoft’s latest attempt at Battle Royale Games. In spite of being new, it seems to be getting quite the traction in the gaming community mainly because it’s free to play. The game is still in beta and many gamers are unable to find the right graphics settings to help them enjoy the game at high FPS without any lag. So here are the Noobs2pro best Hyper Scape graphics settings to fix lag and boost FPS.

Best Graphics settings for High FPS in Hyper Scape:

Display Options:

hyper scape battle royale graphics settings for high FPS and performance

Display Mode: Fullscreen

Fullscreen is the best way to play Hyper Scape. You get the best performance and gameplay experience. Also, it’s easier to spot players when you can focus well.

Resolution: Max

A higher resolution is better for spotting as well as your eyes. Lowering resolution will boost your FPS but at the cost of graphics. You can spot items better and have a great gameplay experience overall with Max resolution.

Refresh Rate: Max

A higher refresh rate is a must for gaming. Go as high as your monitor supports. Higher is always better. It also helps you react faster in FPS games in general. The recommended is 144hz.

Advanced Options:

hyperscape advanced options

Vsync: Off

This adds input lag and can cause shots to miss if you have a low or mid-end graphics card. Although it rarely happens, why take the chance?

Aspect Ratio: Default

This is dependent on your monitor. Pick an aspect ratio you are comfortable with that helps you play the game with maximum viewability and comfort.

Widescreen Letterbox: Off

This option is for widescreen monitors with the letterbox format. I don’t use a widescreen so I turn it off for my system.

Field of view: High as possible

Lower is better for performance but you might have an issue with spotting players. Higher FOV lets you see a lot more in-game.

Graphics Quality:

hyper scape graphics settings for high FPS

Animation Quality: Low or medium

This is a game that relies heavily on animations. If you have low FPS issues then lower this. The game animations will look a bit simpler but at least you will get closer to 60+ or 144+ FPS and that’s our end goal.

It is an important setting that manages the details of enemy players. With medium or high settings, you can spot them well.

Anti-Aliasing Quality: FXAA or TXAA

FXAA is for the low end but I recommend TXAA as the best compromise between graphics and performance. FXAA will ensure that there are no edges to objects in the game and the game looks really good.

Atmospheric Quality: Low

This can be lowered to get an FPS boost. Atmospheric Quality should be set to low or medium. Low is recommended since more fps is always better for shooter games.

Resolution Scaling:  fixed 100% scaling

This causes blurry textures and FPS drops. Keep it at 100% scaling to get the best FPS and in-game clarity

Geometry quality: Low or Medium

This setting impacts graphics quality a lot. I recommend using medium settings for most systems. You can go higher if you have an RTX GPU.

Only low-end systems should select low graphics settings.

Frame rate quality: 60 or 144

You need a minimum of 60 FPS to play online battle royale games. Hyper Scape us no exception. Make sure you set it at 60FPS if possible I recommend 144FPS.

Lighting Quality: Low or medium

Lighting quality should be low or medium. Lighting quality can help spot players so do not set it at very low. You should use Medium if possible. The bare minimum is low.

hyper scape graphics settings

Shadow Quality: Very Low or low

This is the most graphics-intensive setting of the game. You can set it to low and get an awesome FPS boost that can help your game run smoothly. You can get up to 30-40% FPS boost by setting this option at low

Sharpness: 50 or 75

This setting helps spot enemies. I recommend a minimum of 50 and a recommended value of 75. It is especially useful for spotting enemies while rushing.

Sound Quality: Medium or High

I recommend High since you hear enemy movement and spot them easily. If you lower the sound quality you will face difficulty in locating where the enemies are. The bare minimum I recommend is medium settings for sound quality.

Texture Quality: High

Keep this at High if you have a 4GB graphics card. You can even go higher if you have an RTX card. This option is depended more on VRAM so you can easily set it to HIGH.

If you have potato PC set it to low.

VFX Quality: Low (Medium if you have a Good GPU)

VFX makes the game look really good but at the cost of performance and FPS. If you have a good graphics card then set it at medium. Otherwise, I recommend low settings for most systems. It can help you get the FPS you need for lag-free gaming in Hyper Scape.

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That’s all folks these were the best graphics settings for Hyper Scape. Hopefully, now you can play the game at 60FPS or higher. You need the same FPS and your refresh rate. If you are using a 144hz display then you need 144FPS and so on. I also recommend installing the game on an SSD which will ensure that the game runs crazy fast.

Let me know how it worked out for you. If you know more ways to make Hyper Scape run faster then let me know in the comment section below. Happy gaming. See you in-game

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