Best Settings for Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 is an amazing zombie shooter game that reminds you a lot of World War Z. Some of our readers wanted to know how they could get the best FPS and lag-free gaming experience in Killing Floor 2. So we decided to make a special guide on the best Graphics Settings for Killing Floor 2:

Graphics Settings for Killing Floor 2

Aspect Ratio: Default

Default Settings are the best. If you have a different type of monitor then you select the aspect ratio that fits you well.

Resolution: Max

A higher resolution is a must for playing zombie games as the game looks amazing. So at least play in 1080p minimum. If you play in lower resolutions you will strain your eyes which I don’t recommend.

Graphics Quality: Custom

Since we will be setting each setting manually this option will be set to custom.

Vertical Sync: Off

Vsync is one of the key reasons for the lag on older systems. Only turn on if you’re experiencing a lot of screens tearing on your monitor. You might get input lag with vertical sync.

Display: Fullscreen

It’s better to play the game in Fullscreen mode. The game looks much better. It’s also better to run games on Fullscreen mode than Borderless because your graphics card and Windows OS allocate more resources to the game being played.

Variable Frame Rate: On

This lets you go higher than 60 fps, with this off it caps your game at 60FPS

Film Grain: 0

It hampers vision with a movie-type effect that disables it. It also makes the game look much cleaner.

Nvidia Flex: On/ Off

Depends on your GPU. If you have one of the newer Nvidia GPUs then enable this option.

Advanced Settings for Killing Floor 2

Environment Detail: High or ultra

Environment Details are best kept at High settings. If you have a good GPU then ultra is better.

Character Detail: High or Ultra

Ultra or High depending on VRAM. If you have more than 4GB VRAM go with Ultra settings. If you have less VRAM then go with medium settings.

FX: Low or high

FX is best set to low for low-end systems. This makes explosions look more detailed. If you want more FPS then you can set it to low.

Texture Resolution: High or Ultra

I recommend high or ultra settings since the game looks really good and you can spot enemies well. Adds a little more detail to certain textures like guns and in-game objects. If you have less than 4GB VRAM go with high settings instead.

Texture Filtering: Bilinear

Texture Filtering at Bilinear settings is best for low-end systems. This has a big FPS impact so depending on your system.

Shadow Quality: Low

For low-end systems, shadows are the number 1 reason for the lag. Keep shadows low and you will get around 10-20% FPS boost easily. The shadows are nice, but anything over Medium is not really worth it.

Realtime Reflections: Off

Another big FPS killer in killing floor graphics settings. This makes reflections of lights shine off Zed and such, I guess but not worth the 15 – 20 fps drop if you ask me.

Anti Aliasing: off or FXAA

About a 5 FPS drop with this on, but honestly, that’s not very much and it makes the game look very clean, especially on large screens. If you have a large monitor and are playing at a high resolution then use temporal AA. At lower resolutions, Antialiasing is bad and will give blurry textures in some cases. But at high resolutions, it’s a must. So use it accordingly.

Bloom: Off

Makes color more vibrant. You get around a 5FPS drop with this on.

Motion Blur: Off

 Honestly, who plays with motion blur on shooter and zombie games?

Ambient Occlusion: Off or SSAO

SSAO is most recommended for most systems. You get around 5-7 FPS drop with this on SSAO. HBAO+ does cause lag unless you have a good GPU. If you want the best FPS then set it to off

Depth of Field: Off

This makes what you’re aiming at clear and the background blurry, not really needed, with it off everything is clear so… also no FPS impact, purely preference).

Volumetric Lighting FX: Off / On

Minor FPS effect but the game looks good, So if you want better lighting enable it.

Lens Flares: off

Makes the lights have a bright flash effect to them, distracting your eyes and completely useless if you ask me.

Light Shafts: Off

Light shafts are like GOD rays so you get an FPS drop of like 10-15fps. I recommend you disable it.

That’s all folks. These were the best graphics settings for Killing Floor 2 operations to fix lag and increase FPS. If you liked the post then please do share and support the gaming community. If you were still unable to fix lag issues then check out how to optimize Windows 10 for gaming.

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