Top 10 Computer Sims to improve your Tech Skills

Love technology but are new to the field? Here are the top 10 computer simulation games to help you get some amazing tech skills. If you want to teach your children about technology and get them some computer skills then this list is for you. From PC building to ethical hacking to running a software company you can learn it all with these games:

1) PC Building Simulator

As the name suggests this is a game where your main job is to build computer systems. This game helps you learn how to build and assemble computer systems as well as deal with basic hardware troubleshooting. The game is always up to date with the latest content and has the latest processors and graphics cards added to the list. A great game to build your computer hardware skills.

Credits: Pc Building Simulator

Download PC Building Simulator

2) Nite Team 4

Nite Team 4 is an ethical hacking simulation paired with networking DLC. The recently added CCNA DLC can help gamers learn networking as well as ethical hacking skills.
You play as a recruit and have to execute missions and engage in cyber warfare with black hat groups. The graphics are amazing, and the gameplay is sophisticated and fun. A must play to master skills in ethical hacking and networking.

Credits: Nite team 4 team

Download Nite Team 4 team

3) Grey Hat

Grey Hack is an MMO hacking simulator game that was designed to take on a fun and innovative approach to hacking with friends. It has single-player as well as multiplayer missions. And yes you have Kali Linux tools in the game. You can get it on steam as early access. It is similar to Nite team 4 but seems more realistic and can help you or your children develop computer skills.

Credits: Grey Hack

Download Grey Hack

4) Software Inc

If you wanted to run your own software company and didn’t know-howto. This game is for you. From the basics of starting the company to managing and working on projects. You have it all. This is an amazing computer sim game that can help you learn skills that you cannot learn anywhere else. If you dream of running a software MNC someday you just have to play this. So what are you waiting for?

Credits: Coredumping

Download Software Inc

5) Hacknet

Hacknet is a hacking game for PC that allows the players to actively engage in a hacking simulation and learn computer skills related to hacking and security.
The game runs on two platforms: the graphical user interface and text-based console. The platform used in the game is Unix. The story goes like you receive contact from “bit” and it says that the message was sent in the event of its death. You are now the person investigating his death.

Credits: Hacknet Team

Download Hacknet

6) Internet Cafe Simulator

If you wanted to run an internet cafe now you can. With the latest game from the cheesecake company, you can now run your own internet cafe. How cool is that..!! You can download the game from steam. It has some amazing graphics as well.

You can run it on the go as well since its available for Android and IOS as well. A game that can teach you computer skills as well as management skills for running your own business

Credits: Cheesecake

Download Internet Cafe Simulator

7) Computer Tycoon

If you wanted to learn how you can be the next steve jobs or bill gates. This game is for you. This game might not have the best graphics but you definitely can learn technical skills as well as entrepreneurial skills. Now you can run companies and build tech empires.

A must play tech simulation game for gamers.

Credits: Indie And’Rush – Gameplay & GameDev with Andras

Download Computer Tycoon

8) Tech Support: Error Unknown

If you wanted to experience tech support or wanted to be naughty and have a blackhat experience then this game is for you. As a tech support specialist new to the job, use a wide array of computer software to solve customer issues or choose to manipulate programs for personal gain. Hack your system to unlock its full potential, GPS track lost phones, scan profiles to blackmail customers and so much more.

Credits: Iceberg Interactive

Download Tech Support: Error Unknown

9)Hardware Engineers

If you loved the PC building Simulator you will love this. A similar game but with more options. The graphics are not as great but the game is entertaining. You get to learn some great tech skills and learn skills while gaming. A great way to learn about technology while playing a game.

Credits: Green127 Studio

Download Hardware Engineers

10) Tech Corp

If running a tech corporation is your dream. Then tech corp is the game for you. From learning how to manage employees to handling software projects. You can learn all the in and outs of running a tech corporation with this amazing game. If you wanted to learn the technical side of tech corporation you can now learn the skills.

Note: The game is still in early access on steam

Credits: Tech corp

Download Tech Corp

Bonus: Pc Architect

Now you might be wondering why I brought a Mobile game on this list. Well, frankly this game is too good to miss out on. The amazing gameplay and realistic mechanisms make the game quite fun to play. There are two versions one being free and the other is paid.

Honestly, I recommend you to play the free version only then you will know why I recommended this game.

Credits: Games from Garage

Download PC Architect

I hoped you liked this guide of the top Games simulation games for learning computer skills. Learning new technology and mastering tech skills has never been this easier and this fun. But now thanks to technology and simulation games you can improve your skills and have fun at the same time. If you loved the hacking games you can check out the top 20 hacking simulation games.

See you in-game

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