Top 10 Sports Management Games

Sports Management Games are one of the most fun and creative games you can play at home. If you are looking to build your management skills then nothing beats sports management games and simulation games. Many gamers had a hard time finding the best sports management games. So today we are sharing with you the list of top 10 sports management games you need to play this year:

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1) Football Manager 2020

Football Manager is probably the best Football sports management game ever made. With the amazing flexibility and depth, the game has ensured that you get a proper football manager experience. This game is addictive, well thought out, and reminds you a lot of FIFA. There are so many ways to build teams and handle players. The game community is also quite active. You can run your own football Club and refine both your club’s and your own unique identity in-game. A must-play for football lovers.

Football Manager 2020 sports management simulation game
Football Manager 2020

Football Manager 2020 now has better graphics, backroom staff, and match engine improvements to make the game even better.

2) Out of the Park Baseball 21

This game is one of the most award-winning baseball strategy games out there. Every baseball lover and baseball card collector has heard of this game sometime or the other. It’s one of the most realistic sports management simulation games ever made. The game is very realistic and its professional gameplay is sure to entertain you for years. This game features in-depth management baseball and strategies. You also get customization, and a unique baseball experience when gaming.

Baseball sports management
Out of the Park Baseball 21

OOTP 21 comes with accurate 2020 MLB and MiLB rosters as well as Plus, all historical MLB seasons (1871-2019, including full historical minor leagues) and dozens of international pro and independent baseball leagues.

3) Draft Day Sports: College Basket Ball 2020 (Pro versions are also available )

This game will get you addicted to Basketball. In this game, you will play the role of Head Coach and you have to make the right decisions for your team so that it can win its games and have a successful basketball career. The game has good graphics and most importantly has the latest content that makes the game quite fun to play. If you wanted to have your personal Basketball team then now you can.

  • There are now 353 teams to choose from in the game and Teams get to use an extra scholarship when drafted immediately. 
  • The Tournament Maker feature now has an option to auto-generate entire tournament brackets for easy gameplay
College Basket Ball sports management simulation game
Draft Day Sports: College Basket Ball 2020


4) Draft Day Sports: College Football 2020 (Pro versions are also available )

This game is also made by Drafts Day and is equally good as its basketball counterpart. You play as the head coach for your football team. It’s one of the most innovative and realistic sports management simulation game for football lovers. You can manage your own team and make strategic decisions to decide the future of your team’s college football career.

College football sports
Draft Day Sports: College Football 2020

Now you get a 2D gameplay screen with running commentary and improved performance in the latest version of  Drafts Day college football.

5) Franchise Hockey Manager 6

If you love hockey and managing hockey teams then this game is meant specifically for you. Hockey has never been this fun before. There are a few hockey simulation games in the market but no one comes close to Hockey Manager 6 in terms of sports management games. A truly realistic hockey team management experience where you manage your own team and make strategic decisions for your team’s players.

Franchise Hockey Manager sports simulation game
Franchise Hockey Manager 6

What’s new in Hockey Manager 6:

  • New leagues and challenges
  • A rivalry system
  • Fans and supporters now matter to your success
  • Real players and staff to simulate a truly awesome and realistic sports management experience.
  • Lots of improvements to graphics and performance. 


6) Total Extreme Wrestling 2020 TEW2020

Grey Dog Software has completely remastered and redesigned the game completely and made extreme wrestling awesome again. Now you can manage wrestlers make contracts based on their skills and your preferences. You can now manage league and tours to give you an in-depth management experience as wrestling management professional.

Wrestling manager simulation game
Total Extreme Wrestling 2020

What’s new in TEW2020:

  • Experience now matters and can influence player behavior such as coping with problems and mistakes if and when they happen. This also allows workers to mitigate poor booking.
  • Attributes, new contact structures, and on the fly bookings are now possible in-game.
  • Improvements to graphics and overall experience in the game.


7)Esports Legend

If you dreamt of having your own Esports team then congratulations now you can have it. Well at least visually. Esports Legends is an innovative game where you manage an esports team. With the rise of esports and it’s popularity among gamers everyone dreams of being part of an esports team and leading your team. As an esports team coach, you now need to make important decisions that will determine your team’s esports careers.

Esports Team manager game
Esports Legends

8) Pro Cycling Manager 2020

If you love cycling then this game is for you. Now with over 230 races and 650 stages, from the Tour de France to La Vuelta to the classic events of the World Tour calendar you can now experience the thrill of becoming a cycling team manager and take your team to the top!

pro cycling simulation games
Pro Cycling manager 2020

You will need to manage finances and recruitment, plan your training, and implement your strategies to win races and make your players happy. You also need to check player morale and make sure they are meeting their personal goals as well. With a new AI and morale system, cycling team management is even more realistic.


9)Tennis Elbow Manager 2

Tennis elbow manager 2 is one of the best tennis management simulation games ever made. As a tennis sports manager, you take control of a tennis coach and his player, and your goal is to reach the Number One ranking in the world. This might seem like the traditional story for just about every sports manager simulation game ever. But the game is unique and has amazing gameplay and strategy. It is one of the underrated sports manager games that you need to play in 2020.

Tennis manager simulation games
Tennis elbow manager 2


10)Rugby League Team Manager 3

Rugby League Team Manager 3 is the best Rugby sports simulation game ever made. You get full control of managing training schedules, coaches, physios, scouting, finances, sponsors, facilities and so much more. You can now choose from over 7000 senior players to choose from you are sure to have an amazing rugby experience as the team manager.

Rugby sports management games
Rugby League Team Manager 3

What’s new:

  • You now have a new match engine with all-new graphics and animation and user interface.
  • New manager types, styles, and attributes with executive board evaluations as well as features such as sales negotiations added to the fray.
  • New financial budgets with seasonal players, attributes, kits, and badges.


At Last:

Sports management games are not only a fun gaming experience but they can also open your mind towards strategies and management skills that will prepare you for the professional sports world. Building strategies for your favorite sports has never been this fun. Enjoy playing your favorite sports manager game. I hope these games entertain you. Happy Gaming

See you in-game


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