Top 10 Fishing Simulation Games to Play

People often complain that they do not get to enjoy their favorite hobbies like fishing. Don’t worry! Noobs2pro has a good solution for this. Hence, we came up with the list of top 10 fishing simulation games which can actually give one real-life experience and can teach you the art of fishing with the helping of fishing games. These games are fishing simulation games that can help simulate the experience of fishing.

Here the player has to learn how fishing works. There are fishing tournaments as well. There are many features loaded into these fishing simulator games which depict the fish, the location of the fish, which type of fish to catch, the fishing boats, the fishing rods, bait, and so on and so forth. As soon as the bait is given, there are high chances of a trigger and when there is a trigger on-screen, one has to quickly respond and press the button to fish the fish out of the water. Therefore, it is quite an exciting and interesting game for the fishing sportsman and also for the gaming community.  Let us get started with the Top 10 Fishing Simulation Games. Here we go!

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Top 10 Fishing Simulation Games every gamer has to play:

1) Rapala Fishing:

               Rapala Fishing is one of the most famous and popular fishing simulation games ever made. This game is an arcade-style kind of fishing game which has been developed by the Concrete Software by joining hands with Rapala. The main thing which is interesting and eye-catching is a realistic fishing simulation experience. This game can be played at your own pace. Another important thing which has to be mentioned about this game is that there is no time, no energy bar and any other kind of restrictions in this game. So its entirely up to you how and when you play the game. Finally, don’t forget to enjoy the fishing tournaments of this game.

Rapala Fishing simulator game
Rapala Fishing

Graphics and gameplay: 4.3/5

2) Fishing Planet:

               Fishing Planet as the name suggests is a fishing simulation game based on fishing all over the world in different locations. This game has got many locations covered from North America to Europe and much more. On top of that, it has top-water fishing, lure fishing, float fishing, and bottom fishing. This game can be played single or with multiple players. The developers of Fishing Planet release new updates from time to time and make the game even better than what it is. This game is a must-try for all the game lovers who want to learn and experience fishing.

fish simulation game
Fishing Planet

Graphics and gameplay: 3.6/5

3) Ultimate Fishing Simulator:

               Ultimate Fishing Simulator is quite a very amazing game to play. This game has the gear and plenty of fishing locations that have been built in the base game. Not only that, but the additional fishing locations are also offered as downloadable content. The game developers are quite active. They frequently release new updates of this game which are absolutely free. Of course, one has to pay for the (DLCs) downloadable content but it is worth it. This game has to lot to offer only if you play in terms of fishing simulation.

Fishing simulation game
ultimate fishing simulator

Graphics and gameplay: 4.6/5

4) Professional Fishing:

               Professional Fishing is highly known for its gaming, graphics, quality, and beautiful scenarios. This is a free to play game, but there are some dlcs and features that require one has to pay. In this game, there are several locations where one can do fishing and can buy gear. This game follows a realistic approach and is highly appreciated for its graphic content. There are many levels in this game. Each level is quite interesting and the difficulty level increases on every level. This game also supports the multiplayer option where one can buy tents and do a lot of interesting activities along with fishing. Professional Fishing is truly an amazing game with aesthetic appeal and real-world fishing simulation.

professional fishing simulation game
professional fishing simulation game

Graphics and gameplay: 4.7/5

5) DayZ:

               DayZ gives the player a hands-on training on how to fish. In DayZ one has to attach an earthworm on the hook, throw it in water and wait for the line to see if someone bites it. You need quite some patience to play this just like the real world. This game makes one quite precise and accurate when fishing. This gaming is always exciting and never gets boring since you can have PVP with other players in fishing. On top of that, the fish which you catch can act as a melee weapon instead of just frying and eating.

Fishing simulator games
Dayz Fishing

Graphics and gameplay: 4.5/5

6) Fishing: Barents Sea:

               Fishing: Barents Sea is a quiet relaxing game. The entire livelihood in this game depends solely on fishing. You will be placed on a tiny boat and the entire success depends on how many fishes you load in the canoe. Note its sea fishing and not river or lake fishing. There are multiple levels in this game with some quota, mission, and selling the fishes and getting money and other exciting prizes from it. It is quite an amusing fishing simulator game to play and learn fishing. Don’t miss this!

Barents sea game
Fishing: Barents sea game

Graphics and gameplay: 3.9/5

 7) Ark: Survival Evolved:

               Ark: Survival Evolved is quite a famous survival game. You can do a lot more than just fishing but realism makes it worth its spot on the list. This is so because you put a chair and put the line in the water. Then, you have to keep an eye on the fishing rod and wait for any kind of movement in the line. Moreover, the game also looks quite aesthetic according to the graphics and the gameplay. It gives one a realistic kind of approach to survival and fishing.

fishing simulation games
Fishing in Ark survival evolved

Graphics and gameplay: 3.9/5

8) The Sims 4:

               Sims 4 as most people know is the king of simulation games. It has quite a good number of activities to do and fishing is one of the most popular ones. Once you cast your line, you have to wait and watch what happens to it. The interesting thing in this game is that, once you are there for fishing, the game will send some of your friends, strangers, neighbors, pets, or someone else to fish just beside you. So your never alone can have fun with friends which is quite competitive and interesting, and amusing too. This game is both exciting and relaxing for the gaming community.

fishing simulation game
Fishing in sims

Graphics and gameplay: 3.6/5

9) Far Cry 5:

               Far Cry 5 is actually an FPS shooter game with a whole another story. But they decided to add fishing as a leisure side sport within the game. It has amazing graphics and quite a realistic feel to the entire fishing experience. What you do is wait for the fish by using your bait. Then you reel the fish in at the correct time so that the line does not break. You can buy better fish and sell it in-game to buy better equipment or play the story missions.

fishing simulator games
Fishing in Far Cry 5

Graphics and gameplay: 4.5/5

10) Sea of Thieves:

               Sea of Thieves is last in the list. But this game is also loaded with volcanic explosions, another ship firing at you, skeleton ship chasing you, storm disturbing you and so on, and so forth. Yes, its a pirate game. Hence, it is one of the best games to play and have fun. The gamers who love the sea should definitely try this game because of all the dangerous and exciting levels which the game developer has cautiously loaded into. Sea of Thieves is a thrilling game that fishers will love.

Graphics and gameplay: 4/5

Final Words:

Fishing simulation games are quite close to reality. It is a great learning experience when you are stuck at home. Fishing Games are quite fun and relaxing to play. These fishing simulator games will fulfill your desire for fishing at home in the best graphics and realistic gameplay. These were the Top 10 Fishing Simulation Games that every fish lover must play.

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