Steam Launch Options for Green Hell

Green Hell is an amazing game that I recommend every Jungle survival fanatic to play. I already made a guide on the best settings to fix lag in Green Hell. Now here is a bonus guide on steam launch settings for green hell.

Steam Launch Settings for Green Hell

How to set the steam launch options for Green Hell Game

  • Open Steam
  • Go to the Library tab
  • Right-click on Green Hell
  • Select Properties and then General tab
green hell steam launch options
  • Click “Set Launch Options
green hell steam launch options

The best steam launch settings I found that worked for Green Hell Game are as follows:

green hell steam launch options

What these steam launch options do to help Green Hell Performance:


This disables the in-game intro video making the game startup faster. It just helps you save time in playing Green Hell. Does not impact FPS in-game but is quite a useful option in green hell any way..


Runs the game in high priority. Quite Useful for low end systems. You will get quite a decent performance boost with these settings.


This option is useful in case your system is not using all the CPU cores for gaming. It rarely happens but its better to set this option so more CPU power is give to green hell. With this you can get some more FPS boost in Green Hell.

That`s all for this guide. Make sure to read the best graphics settings for green hell if you haven’t already. Let me know if there are are more steam launch options that I have not added to the list.Honestly they are quite few options as far as I know. Let me know what you think in the comment sections below. Happy Gaming.

See you in-game

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