Serious Sam 4 Best Settings for max fps

Serious Sam 4 is one of the most trending action games of this year. The game is an eye candy for those who love the best graphics. Unfortunately, it’s a serious power hog so you need a good CPU and GPU to play this game. So to help you guys here are the best graphics settings for serious Sam 4 to fix lag and increase FPS:

Graphics Options

serious sam 4 graphics settings to fix lag and increase FPS

Graphics API: Latest API your GPU Supports

The newer API offers better performance for gaming. Not all GPUs support the newer API however. So try to use the best API your GPU supports. For most systems, it will be DirectX12.

Resolution: Max

Higher Resolution is always better since you get a great gameplay experience and clear visuals. You also have less strain on your eyes which is a must when playing long gaming sessions.

Window Mode: Fullscreen

Fullscreen mode is the best way to play any game since Windows gives higher performance priority to Fullscreen games.

Max 3D Rendering MPIX: Max Supported

This depends on your Display and GPU. I recommend high quality since it gives a better gameplay experience. The minimum I would suggest is 1080p.

My laptop doesn’t support it since it’s quite old but I still recommend high settings if you can set them.

Multi-Sample Antialiasing: None

It’s a serious power hog. If you have an 8GB GPU then you can use this otherwise keep it at none when playing at high resolutions.

Enable Vsync: Off

Disable. The FPS drop for the minor unnoticeable graphics improvement is not worth it. Simply turn it off.

Rescaling filter: FidelityFX Cas

From what I tested FidelityFX Cas gives the best performance to graphics ratio. I haven’t tested it on any of the newer GPUs so I recommend some testing in case you feel that FidelityFX Cas is insufficient.

Variable Rate Shading: None

This option is disabled by default on most systems. If you have it enabled then it can help you save some GPU resources. It might add lag as well you probably need to test it.

Performance Options Serious Sam 4

serious sam 4 performance settings to fix lag and boost fps

CPU Speed:

CPU speed settings can be chosen with the following approximations:

  • 4 Core: Lowest or Low
  • 6 Core: Medium or High
  • 8 Core: Ultra

GPU Speed:

GPU speed settings can be chosen with the following approximations:

The size is GB represents GPU memory/VRAM.

  • 2GB: Lowest
  • 4GB: Low or Medium
  • 6GB: High
  • 8GB: Ultra

GPU Memory:

Same as above.

Max FPS: Unlimited or Same as Monitor Refresh Rate

Keep the FPS the same as your monitor refresh rate if you are playing on a laptop. If you have a desktop then FPS should be unlimited. These are the best FPS settings for Serious Sam.

That’s all folks. These were the best FPS Settings for Serious Sam 4. If you liked the post then please do share and support the gaming community. If you still could not fix your lag then check out how to optimize Windows 10 for gaming.

Happy Gaming. See you in-game.

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