Mafia Definitive Edition Settings for Max FPS

Mafia Definitive Edition is one of the best graphics remasters we have seen for any game for several decades. With amazing gameplay and graphics Mafia, the definitive edition is winning hearts like no other game ever has. Unfortunately, the graphics requirements for Mafia Definitive Edition are quite high so most players can’t help but play a laggy game. So to help our fellow Mafia players here are the best Mafia Definitive Edition Graphics Settings to fix lag and Increase FPS :

Mafia Definitive Graphics Settings

Resolution: Max

I recommend max resolution for Play Mafia. The game is a true eye candy and thus needs to be played in high resolution. The lowest I recommend is 1980*1080 resolution if you are lagging a bit too much. For everyone else, I recommend the maximum pc resolution you can use.

Fullscreen: On

Obviously, a great eye candy game like Mafia must be played in Fullscreen. Windows also prioritizes Fullscreen applications with more CPU resources so you will get a better performance gain.

Vsync: Off

Vsync adds input lag and honestly, Mafia is already a demanding title. It’s best to disable v-sync in Mafia Definitive Edition.

Field of View: Default or Personal Preference

I recommend the default settings. You can honestly adjust the view as per your need. The FPS difference is very minor so it does not matter much.

Global Quality Preset: Custom

Since we will be editing each setting manually this option will be auto-set to custom. If you are too lazy then set it to medium and start playing the game. But if you want the best graphics to FPS ratio then manual settings adjustments are a must.

Depth of Field: Off

This can help low-end systems improve their FPS. For mid and High-end systems keep the Depth of field option on.

Motion Blur: Off

Just disable motion blur. It’s an unnecessary graphics effect that only adds lag on low and medium-end systems.

Geometry Detail: Medium or High

For medium and High-end systems with RTX cards go with High settings. If you have a low-end GTX card then medium settings. This setting has quite an FPS impact but it makes the game look good. So make sure to choose the right setting for you.

Vegetation: Low or Medium

Now for those with decent RTX graphics cards, I recommend medium settings. If you are on a GTX like me then low is the only option for you. Unless you have a 1080 Ti.

Decals: Medium

Now this is my personal preference but for a game like Mafia, we need the mafia decals. I mean you don’t get the gangster feel without them. So I recommend medium settings.

If you want the best FPS no matter what then choose low settings. But I recommend medium.

Direct Lighting: Medium

Direct Lighting settings make the game look quite good. I recommend medium settings for the aesthetic appeal of the Mafia definitive edition.

Indirect Lighting: Low or Medium

Indirect lighting can be set to low if you have low FPS. If your system can reach the required 60 FPS then go with medium settings. I recommend low for most players though.

Shadow Quality: Low

This is the setting that costs the most lag in Mafia if you ask me. Set it to low and enjoy the FPS Gains. You will get roughly 15- 20% FPS gains when switching shadows from high to low.

Reflection Quality: Low or Medium

Makes the cars look really good in-game. Medium is best for people like me who love guns and drive-by action in-game. If you can go with medium settings. Otherwise, low settings are also good.

Volumetric Effects: Low

Set the volumetric effects setting to low. The graphics effect is minor and Mafia needs more GPU and CPU resources. So save when you can.

Antialiasing: Low or Medium

For large screens, the medium Antialiasing settings are better. It helps remove blurry textures. If you have a small screen then low settings are better since you get better FPS gains. Choose as per your screen size.

Make sure you reach at least a constant 60FPS for a truly lag-free gaming experience. The minimum FPS required to play this game smoothly is 30FPS.

That’s all gamers. These were the best graphics settings for Mafia Definitive Edition to fix lag and increase FPS. Mafia does have very high graphics requirements so you might still face lag issues. I recommend reading the Optimizing Windows for Gaming guide. It can drastically help improve gaming performance depending on whether you have configured your system correctly.

Happy Gaming. See you in-game

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