Kingdom Come Deliverance Graphics Settings to fix lag

Kingdom come Deliverance is one of the most spectacular RPG games ever made. This game has set a new standard for RPG Games when it comes to graphics. I mean the greenery in this game is on a whole new level. An amazing game that just happens to be a bit too demanding on systems. Many of our readers kept facing lag issues. So here is a guide on the best graphics settings to fix lag in Kingdom come Deliverance.

Best Graphics Settings Kingdom Come Deliverance

kingdom come deliverance graphics settings to fix lag

Resolution: Max

An amazingly visual game like Kingdom Come Deliverance must be played in max resolution. It’s always a treat playing the game in high definition. So at least play in 1080p minimum.

Window Mode: Fullscreen

Fullscreen is the best way to play Kingdom come deliverance. Windows gives higher priority to Fullscreen applications so you will get better FPS in-game.

Overall Image Quality: medium

Set it at medium for now. We will be editing each setting manually so this setting doesn’t really matter.

HD Textures: Enable

Obviously since its a paid add on you should use it since you paid for it. If you system cannot handle it then disable it. But as long as you have 6GB VRAM you enable it.

Show FPS: On/Off

Keep FPS on till you test and confirm that the game is running smoothly on your pc. Once you have confirmed it disable the fps counter.

Vsync: Off

Vsync is one of the key reasons for the lag in Kingdom Come Deliverance. Many gamers on Reddit complained about the same. You can disable Vsync completely so that you get a smoother gameplay experience.

Note: The image shows 30hz which was a mistake on my part. You need to disable vsync.

Vertical FOV: Personal Preference

Play as per your personal preference. Higher FOV is better for graphics and gameplay. Low FOV will increase FPS.

kingdom come deliverance graphics settings to fix lag

Antialiasing: SMAA 1X

If you have a large monitor screen keep antialiasing at SMAA2X. If you have a regular screen then SMAA 1X is more than enough for most casual gamers.

Object Quality: High

Keep the object quality high so that you can enjoy the game weapons and armor in high quality. If you are lagging at high then switch to medium. Below medium you will be missing out on a lot of good things.

Game Effects: Low/Medium

Low end systems keep it at Low. If you want more gameplay oriented experience then medium is better.

Lighting: Medium

Keep it at medium otherwise you won’t be able to play properly at night. the game gets pretty dark at night so you need better light effects to spot objects.

It also makes the game look really good. So make sure to keep it at medium.

Particles: Low/Medium

The particle effect makes the game look like a proper medieval game. If you have a low end GPU select low settings otherwise go for medium settings.

Physics: Medium

You will enjoy battles more. The physics of the game are good but if you play on low settings you won’t enjoy them. They look a bit bland if you ask me. So it’s better to keep these settings at medium.

Postprocess Quality: Low/ Medium

If you have less than 4GB VRAM then go with low settings. Otherwise, go with medium settings. The option requires VRAM.

kingdom come deliverance graphics settings to fix lag

Shader Quality: Medium/ High

Keep the shader quality medium if you want more FPS. If you want better quality textures then High settings are the best.

Shadows: Low

Shadows are the number 1 reason for lag in Kingdom come deliverance. Keep shadows at low and you will get around 10-20% FPS boost easy.

Textures: High

Textures are one of the most important things in Kingdom Come Deliverance. I recommend high settings. The game looks really good and as long as you have enough VRAM you will not face lag issues. If you have less than 4GB VRAM go with medium or low settings.

Water Details: Low

You can save GPU resources by lowering water quality. I know water looks beautiful in-game but if you are lagging its not worth it. So switch it down to low.

Volumetric Effect Details: Medium

Keep it at medium. The game objects look better with Volumetric effect. If you are lagging then you can set it to low. But I recommend medium.

Vegetation Detail: Low/ Medium

Keep this at low unless you only want to enjoy the graphics. With low vegetation you will be able to spot enemies as well as other objects better so it gives a slight gameplay advantage.

kingdom come deliverance graphics settings

Object Distance: 25%-50%

Object Distance should be between 25%-50% for most casual gamers. Thats more than enough for most. Higher settings can help you spot objects better but will consume more GPU Resources.

LOD Distance: 25-50%

If you less than 4GB VRAM then go with 25% LOD. If you have 6GB VRAM then go with 50-75% LOD. Its more than enough since higher LOD only lowers FPS.

Vegetation Draw Distance: 25%

Keeping low Vegetation Draw distance helps spot objects at night since its quite easy to get lost in the woods. Done that a few times so less vegetation can help you navigate better.

Motion Blur: Off

Motion Blur is an unnecessary feature in games according to my opinion. So turn it off and increase your FPS.

That’s all folks. These were the best graphics settings for Kingdom come Deliverance to fix lag and increase FPS. If you liked the post then please do share and support the gaming community. If you were still unable to fix lag issues then check out how to optimize windows 10 for gaming.

Happy Gaming. See you in-game.


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