Days Gone Best Settings for max fps

Days Gone is one of PlayStation’s most loved games which has finally made its way to the PC world. Many from our gaming community wanted to know the best settings to enjoy a lag-free experience in days gone. So by popular demand here are the best settings.

So by popular demand here are the best graphics settings to enjoy days gone.

Days Gone Best Display Settings

days gone graphics settings

Window Mode: Fullscreen

Fullscreen mode is the best for playing games like Days Gone. You get an immersive gaming experience and Windows gives high performance for fullscreen applications.

Resolution: Native Monitor resolution

It’s always best to play games at the native resolution of your monitor. Low resolutions can strain your eyes which is bad for your health. Always play resolutions that are suited to your monitor.

Refresh Rate: Max

Always go for the highest refresh rate your monitor supports. You will enjoy a smoother gameplay.

Vsync: Off

Unnecessary option. It adds input lag in some devices. Better to turn it off. Safer side.

Frame Rate Limiter: On for Laptops/ Off for PC

Turn it on for laptops to avoid heating issues. You need to set it up to be the same as your monitor refresh rate.

For desktops, you can turn it off. More FPS is always welcome.

days gone graphics settings to fix lag

Brightness: Default or slightly above it

If you have a bright display go with default settings. Otherwise, increase the brightness so that you can spot enemies and items of interest easily at night.

Field of View: 70

Higher FOV helps you see more on screen but will lower FPS on low-end devices. So best to go with the default.

Render Scale: 90-100

I recommend the max settings for render scale as you get the best graphics quality as well as clear images. Lowering this results in a bad gameplay experience in my opinion. The lowest you should consider is 90%. Don’t go below that.

I personally play at 100% always.

Quality Preset: Custom

Since we will be adjusting each option this setting will be set to custom.

Chromatic Aberration: Off

Unnecessary graphics effect. Can be disabled to improve FPS.

Motion Blur: Off

I recommend you disable it since it will help you play the game better as well as boost FPS. No reason to enable motion blur honestly.

Lighting Quality: Medium

The game gets very dark and good light quality is a must. Without it, you will face a lot of trouble playing the game. The lowest I recommend is medium settings, especially during the dark. Thus brightness and lighting quality play an important role in the game.

Geometry Quality: Medium

Makes the objects look much better and clean. Keep this at medium. For high-end systems high is recommended. But for everyone else medium settings are the best.

Foliage Draw Distance: Low

By lowering the grass distance you can spot enemies as well as hidden objects in the world. Helps a lot at night when combined with survival sense. Granted the game does not look as fancy as it can. But it does help boost FPS a lot.

Shadow Quality: Low

You will get a great FPS boost if you set this to low. The game looks fairly good and can help you spot freakers much more easily in-game

Cloud and Fog Quality: Low

Not required. Set it to low to boost FPS.

Texture Filter Quality: High

Texture Filter quality is best set to high. It makes the game look really good and doesn’t cause much FPS loss as long as you have enough VRAM to play days gone. If however you are lagging in high settings or if you want even more FPS then you can lower the texture filter quality to medium.

Make sure you have a decent GPU. 8GB VRAM graphics cards are now the norm. So try to get one.

Texture Streaming Quality: Medium

Medium settings are best for low-end systems. High-end systems can use high settings. This will make the game look good as well as help you spot loot and objects easily.

Overall the game is really well optimised compared to other games I have seen so far. So make sure to use the right settings and enjoy the game.

That’s all folks. These were the best graphics settings for days gone. If you are still lagging then use the pc optimization guide for gaming. I am sure you will be able to boost your FPS by another 20% at least. Thanks for reading. Do share and support the site.

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